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awakening and ascension 2020

Great Awakening, Earth Changes and the Coronavirus Meaning.

The changes on the planet are now coming fast and furious. Get ready for the new world and great awakening. Fast change can cause grief as it produces a feeling of loss and stress. It’s not too late however to shift your energy so you can deal with the earth changes and challenges.

How to Stop and Heal Emotional Triggers

Anytime you experience strong emotional reactions to situations, an emotional trigger has set you off. Emotional triggers are stored in your body and are subconsciously activated time and time again. The stronger the emotional response you have to situations, the more easily you can be triggered when similar situations occur again. Removing these detrimental triggers can be a difficult process as they become who you are – a part of your personality that can hold back your personal growth.

How to respond to pain and suffering?

Do you ever feel sorry for people or situations in a way that causes you to spend hours worrying and recounting the story to others? When you connect to the pain and stress of others, it can leave you feeling disempowered and distraught. In fact, there is so much media access to the unimaginable suffering in the world today that it can constantly leave you feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Did you know that this learned behaviour of feeling sorry and connecting to other people’s pain can actually cause more harm than good?