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FORENSIC HEALING 7-Day Live Training (Instructor Marisa Russo)

Forensic Healing 7-Day
Live ZOOM Training

Nov 11-17, 2024

Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Melbourne Australia
Venue: Online via ZOOM

FORENSIC HEALING Essentials 1-Day Workshops

Forensic Healing 1-Day
Essentials ZOOM Training (Instructor: TBA) 


Venue: TBA

How Healing Works and How to Access Divine Powers to Manifest

Forensic Healing Essentials 1-Day Workshop

The 1-day Essentials workshop develops your investigative and intuitive skill sets using the Forensic Healing system. Great for those wanting to sample the full Forensic Healing 7 Module Course and learn and experience energy healing techniques. No prerequisites are needed.

Forensic Healing 7-Day Live Training Workshop

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IN 7 DAYS. The ultimate week-long experience to transform your life through energy healing for emotional, physical, and spiritual pain or to become a qualified Forensic Healing practitioner. You will experience advanced, life-changing energy healing techniques and methods. No pre-requisites are needed.

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Forensic Healing Certification/Diploma 7 Module system includes the Awakening Module with the following pathways.

7.1 Pathway: Aurora Crown Activation & Connection to the Next Universe
7.2 Pathway: Awaken from the Dream Spell, Cognitive Dissonance and Denial
7.3 Pathway: Black Goo, Dark Matter, and Graphene Oxide Transmutation
7.4 Pathway: Covid 19 Vaccination, Mark of the Beast, Shedding and PCR Reversal
7.5 Pathway: MK Ultra Splitting and Programming Reversal Healing
7.6 Pathway: Crystal Rose Heart Opening & Diamond Sun Body Activation
7.7 Pathway: Reclaiming Manipulated, Stolen DNA, and Genetic Data
7.8 Pathway: Freemasonry and Knights Templar Blackmagic Reversal
7.9 Pathway: Acoustic Devices and UltraSonic and Energy Weapons Reversal
7.10 Pathway: Autism Spectrum Damage and Bio-neurological Diseases Healing Reversal
7.11 Pathway: Restoration of Unplugged DNA, Soul Parts and Universal Spiritual Connection

7.12 Pathway: Download Your Desires and Dreams in the Organic Matrix
7.13 Pathway: Phantom Matrix Extraction, Supersoldiers Deactivation, Lotus of Life Activation
7.14 Pathway: Identify Causes for Problems, Blocks, and Negativity List Release
7.15 Pathway: Open Contact with Higher Spiritual Sources and Guardians Request
7.16 Pathway: Unity and Blessing for the Galactic Families and Zero Point Trinity Wave Field
7.17 Pathway: Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation and Universal Time Matrix Synchronisation
7.18 Pathways: The Canvas: Accountability, Self-Awareness and Self-Growth
7.19 Pathway: Restoration of the Female Christos Lineages and Christos-Sophianic Template
7.20 Pathway: Tree of Life, Kryst Code Activation and Realities

Awakening Glossary Scan List


Does Live/Zoom Training include the Forensic Healing Online Program?

Yes, all Live/Zoom Training registrations include access to the comprehensive Forensic Healing Online Certification/Diploma 7 Module Program.

What’s the difference between Online, Zoom, and In-person Live training?

1. Online Program:The Online Program encompasses the entire 7-module Forensic Healing Certification Program, allowing you to learn at your own pace online, working through the 7 Modules online accessed through your Forensic Healing Course Dashboard.

You have the flexibility to upgrade to Live Zoom training whenever you choose.

2. Zoom Training:

Zoom training (also classified as Live Zoom training) includes the Forensic Healing Online Certification 7 Module Program and 7 Days of intensive training with Marisa via Zoom, held from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Melbourne Australia Time.

This interactive experience involves practical sessions in breakout rooms, reinforcing healing pathways. With minimal theory covered during Zoom sessions (as you already have access to the online program), you get hands-on guidance from Marisa.

The sessions are recorded for your convenience, facilitating review and reinforcement of the material covered.

Benefits of Zoom Training:

  • *Grasp the essence of harnessing energy to enhance your life and help others.
  • *Advance your energy and body to become a powerful conduit, capable of reading energy fields in your personal and professional life.
    *Make life-long friends with people from all over the globe.
  • *Save money on travel and accommodation, all in the comfort of your home.

3. Live – In-Person Training:

In-person training takes place at a nominated venue over 7 days from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Melbourne Australia Time.

What if I am in a different Time Zone?

Unless specified, workshops are scheduled in Melbourne Australia Time Zone. For international students, such as those in Europe, the workshop can be joined at 6:30 am – 10.30 am local time. The missed hours can be viewed later, as all sessions are recorded and available online immediately after each day’s training. For USA students the time zone works better i.e. PST time zone starts around 4.30 pm to 11.30 pm


    • *Students registering for the Forensic Healing Certification 7 Module Online/Zoom/Live Training enjoy complimentary monthly meetups with Marisa and fellow learners every first Sunday of the month at 10 am Melbourne Australia Time Zone.
    • *Plus, questions and discussions can be posted and reviewed on the Forensic Healing Diploma platform: Ask Your Questions Here.

Becoming true to yourself and living in your integrity takes a lot of reconditioning and shifting your beliefs.

Women have suffered lifetimes of emotional abuse and negative conditioning, which has suppressed their true identity. This has caused:

When you analyze your life, you’ll discover the worst times in your life are based on betrayals in relationships involving physical, spiritual and emotional trauma or abuse. You may have thought you knew the person but it turned out you didn’t. There could have been other incidents such as a bad accident. After assisting tens of thousands of clients, I believe there’s no such thing as an accident… Here are some examples that may indicate the presence of negative energy in your life.

Remove the energetic causes through energy healing, knowledge, life skills and advanced techniques. Gain support from amazing, empowered women as you travel the journey together to regain your freedom.​

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