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>> You’ll feel supported by women who understand your struggles with Marisa leading the way.
>> Be prepared to let go of your past in favour for a fresh, new future.
>> It’s time to be shown your new way of living, free of fear and pain.

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Forensic Healing Essentials 1-Day Workshop

The 1-day Essentials workshop develops your investigative and intuitive skill sets using the Forensic Healing system. Great for those wanting to sample the Diploma Course and learn and experience energy healing techniques.No Pre-requisites needed.

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Get The Universe Working for You 2-Day Workshop

Learn how to get the Advantage in Life, Maximise the Universal Laws and Exit the “Matrix” to Create Opportunities of Abundance, Empowerment, and Freedom. No Pre-requisites needed.

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Forensic Healing 7-Day Live Diploma Workshop

The ultimate week-long experience to transform your life through healing emotional, physical, and spiritual pain or to become a qualified Forensic Healing practitioner. You will experience advanced, life-changing energy healing techniques and methods. No Pre-requisites needed.

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Forensic Healing 7 Day Live Diploma Course

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Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoMon, Mar 9 ‐ Sun, Mar 15, 20209:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmToorakMore Info


Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoMon, Jul 22 ‐ Sun, Jul 28, 20199:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmCremorne PointSOLD OUT
Forensic Healing  1-Day Essentials – Instructor Lalini de SilvaSun, October 13, 20199:30 am – 5:30 pmWarrawee, NSWMore info


Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoMon, Feb 17 ‐ Sun, Feb 23, 20209:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmBrisbane, SpringwoodMore Info



Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoSat, Feb 29 – Fri, Mar 6, 20209:30 am – 5:30 pmTatuanui, MorrinsvilleMore Info



FINAL WORKSHOP  Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoSat, Nov 9, 2019 – Fri, Nov 15, 20199:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmMarina del Rey, California, USAMore info



Forensic Healing  1-Day Essentials – Instructor Kathryn SandersonSunday, September 8, 20199:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmKings Norton, BirminghamMore info


Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma – Instructor Marisa RussoSat, May 16 – Fri, May 22, 20209:30 am ‐ 5:30 pmBelfast, IrelandMore info



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Energy Healing Workshops Melbourne

Becoming true to yourself and living in your integrity takes a lot of reconditioning and shifting of your beliefs.

Women have suffered lifetimes of emotional abuse and negative conditioning which has suppressed their true identity.

This has caused: *Dysfunctional relationships *Chronic health issues *Lack of self-worth *Financial hardship *Suppression of talent, creativity, leadership, and healing.

When you analyse your life, you’ll discover the worst times in your life are based on betrayals in relationships involving physical, spiritual and emotional trauma or abuse. You may have thought you knew the person but it turned out you didn’t. There could have been other incidents such as a bad accident.

After treating tens of thousands of clients, I believe there’s no such thing as an accident… Here are some examples that indicate the presence of negative energy in your life:

  • Negative Thoughts: You feel negative and paranoid about yourself and others
  • No Progression: Blocks in your relationships, health, and finances.
  • Looming Dark Clouds: Dark clouds hanging over you that produce bouts of bad luck.
  • Chronic Fatigue: You lack focus, clarity and experience chronic fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Intense Anger: Certain people come to your mind and you feel anger towards them
  • Strange People: You seem to constantly attract strange and angry people.
  • Low Self Confidence: You suffer low self-confidence and low self-esteem.
  • Medical Conditions: Unexplained short-term, chronic medical conditions.
  • Unresolved Negativity: You have unresolved negativity and resentment with others
  • Extreme Guilt: You feel guilty around others and feel responsible for their problems.
  • Sharp or Dull Pain: You experience sharp pain or a chronic dull ache.
  • Addictions: You develop addictions to drugs, foods, alcohol, cigarettes etc.

Remove the energetic causes through, healing, knowledge, life-skills and advanced techniques.

Gain support from amazing empowered women as you travel the journey together to regain your freedom.

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