When Marisa was healing, she would get excited when she figured out the energetic source of a condition; the exact detail, the who, what, where, when and why, which would bring about immediate healing. Clients started calling her a ‘forensic healer’, and so Forensic Healing was born.

Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest, simplest and most effective energy healing experience to address pain, trauma and stress. Forensic Healers help answer long-standing questions regarding life struggles for those suffering from chronic physical, emotional, spiritual conditions, and behavioural and relationship problems.

Forensic means the application of logic and reason. It is an investigation to establish facts and evidence around a certain condition.

Healing means to make sound or whole, to restore to health or to original purity or integrity.

Forensic Healing then is “the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence about a person’s condition with a new holistic healing system to restore purity, integrity, health and wholeness”.

In essence, Forensic Healing is about finding ‘clues’ in the body that relates to unwanted conditions and applying specific healing pathways to release it from the body. You become a detective as you use biofeedback methods that direct you to information about your client, and confirms the causes for the client’s condition. You are a ‘case solver’ as everything reveals itself in patterns and everything you create is already in your energy field. It is based on universal laws or laws of attraction. You will have the power to change outcomes, conditions and change lives.

About our courses

Forensic Healing can be used on babies, children, adults – both men and women, cleansing environments, animals and much more. Our workshops are now ‘women only’, as Marisa has been guided to create a safe environment where women can share, support and nurture each other to achieve the deepest of healings. More than 95% of Marisa’s clients were wounded and abused women. There was a pattern of abuse, suppression, and trauma that required a nurturing, intuitive and safe environment for women to heal. Marisa also noted that women wanted to heal with natural methods and were more open to the natural laws of the universe. Marisa witnessed that deeper healings were achieved when women came together as a group.

Not a problem. There are no pre-requisites for Live or Online Training. Marisa has simplified 30 years of healing experience so you don’t have to go through course after course. Whether you’re just starting out in your healing career and know nothing about healing or you have 20-30 years experience in healing, you are going to be thoroughly impressed!

Marisa encourages students to do the online course or the first module to get maximum benefit from Live training. Either way, you will be learning the most advanced material in the most simple way. Marisa believes in simplifying healing so that you can use the system with full confidence.

Many seasoned practitioners learn the Forensic Healing System and are blown away by the new information and healing pathways that have been missing from all the other courses. There are no duplications here – it’s all new information, simplified techniques and healing secrets in a fail-proof protocol. This is cutting-edge information not available anywhere else in the world. Guaranteed to enhance, improve and take your therapy business to a whole new level. Forensic Healing practitioners are the highest paid and most sought-after practitioners due to the high standards, good energy and skill set of healing the system offers.

Of course! After all, it’s all about you ;). More than 80% of women who do the Forensic Healing Course attend to heal themselves so they can move forward in their chosen passion, whether it’s as an artist, a mother, a businesswoman, a coach, entrepreneur or healer. This course helps clear financial, physical, emotional or spiritual blocks and activates latent abilities and skills. It brings out the best healer in you and gives you the skills to overcome any obstacle and create an empowered life. Check out what women have said about the course.

Online study is a great option for those living away from our Live events or wanting to start their healing journey straight away. It can be completed anywhere in the world. You can begin the course at any time and complete it in your own time frame. We have created a 16-week study option for those who like schedules. You will enjoy the support and community whilst you are working through your material with the Forensic Healing Facebook Group. Marisa offers free monthly FB webinars so she can answer your questions personally. The content is the same as the Live Training students receive. You can upgrade to live training at any time, as there’s nothing quite like the Live experience!

If you were using a beginners session rate with a client of $50, then you can quickly work out how many paying clients a month across a year. This should more than cover your investment (you should be charging more than $50 within a few months).  The Forensic Healing course is an invaluable investment that will give you life skills for the rest of your life, to heal anything. There is no price for peace and good health. Instead of taking 20 years to learn powerful healing methods, Marisa shows you a way to fast-track your learning, experience and client results. If you are already a practitioner you should increase your fees by 30% within 2-4 months.

Forensic Healing has payment plans to make it very affordable. Each module requires case studies for you to complete where you can earn money from each healing to pay off your course. If you have a pattern of being financially stuck, then the course will show you how to clear these blocks and reveal the patterns that kept you stuck. Amazing transformations occur when you commit to change, and free yourself of negative beliefs about your value and worth. It’s the right time to create abundance and freedom in your life. Forensic Healing is an opportunity to experience the freedom you have been longing for, which pales in comparison to the cost.

Yes, we offer Forensic Healing Essentials introductory course to help you get started in Forensic Healing and develop investigative and intuitive skill sets. You’ll be guided through the process of addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues by learning the fundamentals of the Forensic Healing system. Discover how to get to the core of any issue and create a different outcome. It’s an essential life tool for any problem. The package includes an 80-page online manual and two training DVD’s covering mostly practical demonstrations of techniques.

If you think you need to be well enough or have more energy to attend, then this will be the pattern that has stopped you from progressing in the past. In this course, you will receive and experience healings to change your beliefs and energy that you keep repeating. You will learn where your patterns and circumstances come from, what to do and how to heal them. If you don’t commit to changing your beliefs and energy then nothing changes in your life. Make this time about you! You can’t spend a minute longer in pain or depression, it’s time to be happy and healthy. This is your time right now, especially if you feel guided inside. We are compelled to change our lives for the better as sitting on the fence is no longer an option. You will get pushed off!

The Forensic Healing System is fully accredited in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland with approved training providers. The details are provided on our Diploma page. Students seeking Health Rebates in Australia will need to have completed a government accredited course (usually a 2 year full-time Diploma course) specific to the modality they wish to give rebates for. To obtain a Forensic Healing Diploma, all details and criteria are here.

Forensic Healing can be used for distant healings. This means you can connect with anyone in the world via phone, skype, or even without speaking with the person directly (also includes animals/environments).

Information for Practitioners

There are several requirements to be met before you obtain the certification. Please visit this link for more information.

Yes, definitely! Forensic Healing was created to help everyone, regardless of age and gender.

You can submit your Directory Listing here. We will check your practitioner status and review all listings before they go public.

You will need to provide the following details when you create your new listing:

Contact Information: Including up to two phone numbers and professional title/qualification e.g. Dip. FH

Profile Picture: A sizable photo (200×200 pixels)

‘My Details’ Section: You can list your working hours, rates, payments accepted, booking and other information.

‘About Me’ Section: Two paragraphs (up to 300 words) describing yourself, how you work as a practitioner and what you provide for your clients. Include anything that makes you unique, such as your mission or a short testimonial. This section also includes a list of up to ten (10).

Video (Optional) we can place a 2-3 minute video in your listing which will have prospective clients love you even more! Just give us the link to YouTube and we will do the rest.

Please contact us and we will provide the form for you to process your order.

We are always on the lookout for Forensic Healing Assistants to help out at workshops. The most sought after assistants are the diploma-certified practitioners or those who use Forensic Healing regularly. We look for the following attributes:

  • You love using the Forensic Healing System with an ability to explain the healing pathways.
  • You have attended and repeated live training. The repeater fee for 7-day training is only a fraction of the cost.
  • You are consistent, supportive, respectful, grateful, loyal and honest in your relationships.
  • You understand laws of attraction and take responsibility for your thoughts, conversation and activity.
  • You are both aware and support the terms of the Forensic Healing policy and agreement.

You communicate with clarity and get involved in posting and commenting in the Forensic Healing Facebook group where you share, inspire, and empower.

We are all different so everyone brings their own special gifts and individuality into the healing realm. This system was created to shorten the learning curve for healers to achieve consistent, lasting results with clients in the shortest possible time. Following Marisa’s learning system and doing the practical exercises and case studies you will advance dramatically as a healer within 2-10 months. Typically within 6 months you will feel very confident about your healing abilities and achieve consistent results. Marisa says that the clients you attract are a reflection of you so it depends on your ability to see your signs and messages to progress yourself and change. If you are currently a practitioner of other modalities, the process is usually much faster.

Your Diploma certification with Forensic Healing allows you to obtain an insurance policy, which covers damages and legal expenses arising from personal injury to a third party, or damage to their property.

You need to check the criteria for health rebates in your country of residence. For Australia you need to have completed an approved government accredited course (usually 2 years full-time) that is recognised for your service industry i.e. Massage, Kinesiology, Naturopathy etc. Once you have an accredited course that offers rebates, check with the association for the criteria to include Forensic Healing for rebates.

Yes, you can earn 10% commission on Forensic Healing Live and Online Diploma course if you are an Essentials Instructor and you students sign up within the 7 day offer period

What to expect in a healing session

Firstly you might consider that when you are open, your greatest teachers and healers will be those who you are drawn to through synchronicity. Marisa consistently sends out to the universe that she attracts those she can help. If you feel resistant that’s perfectly fine, but if you have been asking for change and you feel drawn to Marisa’s work then this system would definitely help you.

Marisa is best known for changing the lives of people that present with the most obscure and chronic conditions. Often these are conditions suffered for years where traditional medicine and even alternative means have not brought about relief.

For information, these are some reasons why people don’t find relief:

  • Hanging onto low vibrational emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt and low self worth.
  • Too much toxicity in the body such as heavy metals like mercury and lead.
  • Toxic association with a friend or family member.
  • Not enough energy in the body to support an emotional release.
  • Not understanding life lessons.
  • Not evolving spiritually, thinking and behaving negatively, creating bad karma.
  • Not getting the message. Pain (in its many forms) is pushing change.
  • Not open to change.
  • Marisa will help you with all physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. For any negative circumstance or condition that exists in your life, Marisa can find the cause and release it. Here’s more details on the conditions treated.

Marisa uses a form of muscle testing or bio-feedback method as a physiological support to reading a client’s energy body, but that’s where any comparison to kinesiology stops. There are a vast array of investigative methods and advanced healing energy-based therapies used in any one session. Marisa works logically and intuitively, mixing and matching what the client’s body communicates and accessing 30 years therapy experience. Marisa embeds many of her own healing secrets into session work, the likes of which you will not experience anywhere else.

Yes, Marisa holds workshops for self healing and courses to learn healing and experience healing on a whole different level. You can learn to heal like Marisa in one of her 7-day intensive programs. Marisa always says the most profound healings occur in her workshops. They are a complete body, mind and spirit transformation. You can check out her Events & Workshops page for more details.

Forensic Healing Policies

We offer a monthly payment option to make it more affordable for you to complete the course. This includes monthly automatic payments deducted from your credit card. When a scheduled payment fails, Forensic Healing incurs bank fees. If this occurs more than twice, a $25 fee will be charged to your credit card. If you request your payment date to be changed to a later date (one change permitted) a fee of $25 will be incurred for administration costs.

If you purchased the full Forensic Healing course, it is shipped from Australia and can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive depending on shipping methods and dispatch dates. All Forensic Healing Diploma Online and Live purchases will receive a complimentary 1 x Forensic Healing Modules 1-5 Guide and 1 x Soul Healing Pathways Guide. If the course has not arrived within 4 weeks, please contact our office. All other items are shipped from the Australian warehouse so please advise if any item has not arrived within 2 weeks. We take no responsibility for any items reported missing after 8 weeks from the order date.

We will gladly exchange any item that arrives faulty or damaged in shipment if advised within 14 days of purchase. Please return the item (faulty DVD’s should be returned with no packaging) to our postal address.

Monthly and advanced payments for purchased items such as manuals, DVDs, CDs, consultations, online courses, products, workshops or workshop deposits are strictly non-refundable as per the Australian Consumer law that states when a consumer has a “Change of Mind” the store is not obliged to offer a refund.

If the consumer wishes to exchange a product or transfer the Forensic Healing course we will allow this option as we understand circumstances can change. You can choose from the following:

1. Complete monthly payments and on-sell to your nominated buyer

2. Pay outstanding balance and on-sell to your nominated buyer

3. Nominate a person to transfer the course in which they continue to complete the monthly payments.

Contact us with your nominee’s details so we can update our records, provide them with access to the online resources and provide the option to apply for Diploma status.


Workshop deposits are transferable (to other workshops) prior to the commencement (one time only) of the workshop only otherwise they are non-refundable. If required, there are options available for customers to sample the Forensic Healing System by studying the free Forensic Healing Start-Up course prior to purchasing the full live training or home study course.


Read more about Marisa here, and in her media kit here.

Please visit the contact page on our website for email, phone and online chat.

Please join us in the Forensic Healing Facebook group so you can connect with other like-minded people, or for any questions and support you need.

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