Positive ENERGY Index (PEI)

Complete the questionnaire to rate your positive energy index of yourself or a relationship (PEI). The results reveal how this person influences your energy field or how you affect others.


They generally make derogatory comments about others. They persuade you not to like someone. They use a "grooming" process to disempower others so they can have power over them. They make some positive comments and then negate them with derogatory remarks. They speak negatively about others or hide their true negative feelings about others.

What do you think? They are most Judgmental or least Judgmental

Most Accurate Neutral Least Accurate


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Try to give others the benefit of the doubt leave the past alone cause it cannot be changed be cautious of others and stand my ground.

Kristan Leeanne Arbogast


Live life to the fullest do not take nothing for granted. Leave the past alone cause it can not be changed. Forgive others let go of things that I can not control be cautious of other people’s actions

Kristan Leeanne Arbogast

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