Keeping Safe

Do you feel the need to barricade yourself inside, hire the SAS as security guards, recruit German Shepherd police dogs, install high tech security cameras, build an air raid bunker, or enclose your house within an electric fence–just to keep yourself safe? These extreme security measures might seem necessary to keep you safe from stalkers, thieves, psychopaths, serial killers, pedophiles, ... Read More

Using Science to Create Abundance


Are you one of the many who struggle with finances, never having enough money? Science reveals that your cells can be addicted to being poor or wealthy! Do you think the odds are stacked against you for prosperity and abundance? If you answered yes, then you just identified your BIGGEST mistake to being more prosperous. If you want to have ... Read More

7 Steps To Access More Flow


Removing blocks, and creating more flow in your life has a formula. Read on as I outline the 7 important steps with a special Forensic Healing Flow Activation. The Activation is designed to remove stubborn blocks and kick start your life to access more flow. When you feel the “flow” you can achieve all your goals and desires effortlessly. You’re ... Read More

Breaking the Silence for 33% of Women


Look around you. How many sexual abuse victims do you see? It’s a shame the scars aren’t visible so you could tell. But, around 33% of women (and 12-40% of U.S. children) have been abused before they turned 18 and 93% of their attackers were men. That means her over there with the latte, that woman biting her nails on ... Read More

Living Life on Purpose - 9 Steps


If you are challenged finding a life purpose, it’s because you’ve been conditioned to follow a path that’s directed by the expectations of others and your reaction to failure. You’ve been influenced, misguided and led away from your true feelings, instincts and alignment to your passions. Today, I’ll lead you through an authentic approach to finding your life purpose...but it’s ... Read More