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Steps To Success

Energy and spiritual courses online or workshops Forensic Healing

Thank you for taking the steps to become a powerful force in assisting yourself and others to heal and become great. We consider you part of our family to work together to create a better life and world. Please read carefully through the following information to ensure you get the most out of your experience as a Forensic Healer, and when you receive Forensic Healing so there is great energy to get maximum results.

Advertising Yourself

We want you to be noticed! We consistently invest in advertising across various mediums every month to build public awareness of Forensic Healing. To tap into this traffic, make sure you list yourself on our Practitioner Directory and take advantage of the ongoing public requests to find qualified Forensic Healers with high standards.

Practitioners can advertise themselves as a “Forensic Healer” once they are certified (Level 6: Principles, Energy, Physics, Emotions, Spirit, and Soul). To achieve this level, you need to submit relevant tests, case studies and have the course fully paid up to receive an official Forensic Healing Certification. If you are studying the certified Forensic Healing course you can advertise you are “studying Forensic Healing”.

All students who have only completed the Forensic Healing introductory course like Essentials or Start-Up cannot advertise themselves as a “Forensic Healer” or mention “Forensic Healing” as a skill set in their advertising materials.

The Essentials course material can be used in private practice only; however, you can verbally mention you use Forensic Healing as a healing tool and that you have completed the foundational level only. All Forensic Healing materials manuals, DVDs, CDs, and advertising materials are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without prior written permission.

“Forensic Healing” Company logo and name is trademarked and cannot be used in advertising, for business names, in any website domain, email address, forum signatures, account profiles and public pages like Facebook, Twitter, social media sites, etc..

However, once you have obtained your official Forensic Healing Certificate, you are welcome to use this Certified Forensic Healing Practitioner badge/logo on your advertising materials. If you are a Forensic Healing Essentials Instructor you can use the Instructor logo.

Forensic Healing Practitioners are to use their own company name or clinic name. After you have received your Forensic Healing certificate, you can include this formal abbreviation under your name: Dip. Forensic Healing as an example. You can use the wording on the Forensic Healing site to explain Forensic Healing and/or link to our website. You can embed/display the Forensic Healing brochure which summarises Forensic Healing. You are welcome to link anything from the Forensic Healing website to promote your services etc.

NB For any males that inquire about Forensic Healing, we give them the option of completing the online course.

Success Steps as a Forensic Healer.

By following these steps you will ensure that you act with integrity and attract the right client;

  • Acknowledge to clients that you are working with energy. Make it clear you do not diagnose, treat or prescribe (unless qualified in your country to do so). Clients should seek professional care from their health care provider if symptoms persist.
  • Take care of your client’s personal information. Keep it confidential.
  • Keep positive with comments about other health and healing practices and practitioners.
  • Treat each client with respect, kindness, and non-judgment. The purpose is to enable clients to feel better about themselves and empower them to live a better life.
  • Be aware of health laws that affect practitioners in your part of the world, about what can be performed and claimed. For example, in Australia, you cannot make claims that you ‘heal’ or ‘diagnose’ conditions.
  • Be accurate with claims in advertising your services.
  • Provide a comfortable and safe environment for your client.
  • When sending energy to intimate areas of the body, the energy healing is performed with the hands away from the body so the areas are not physically touched.
  • Maintain clear and concise boundaries with clients. Provide information on the availability and costs of services you provide upfront before the client is in session.

Important Message: Only Good Apple’s Here! Why we need the right people to join Forensic Healing

The old saying ‘a bad apple’ is often used to describe a person who spoils the experience for others. One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel of apples and we don’t want that for you. We have created some guidelines to ensure your experience is maximized by attracting all good apples! Everything is energy so we keep high standards of good energy to create a positive experience for you and others. It is our number one priority and we are grateful to those who are appreciative and respectful. To protect all Forensic Healers, we reserve the right to remove any students, practitioners, clients, etc. from the Forensic Healing directory, courses, email lists, etc. if they are found in the following scenarios;

  • Any person and their associates who affects the overall morale of Forensic Healing classes, groups, training, Marisa, etc. in an adverse manner or neglects to keep professional standards will be asked to ‘pack up their lunch’ and leave the online groups, training, etc..No refund policy applies to any person asked to leave the group. We do not accept students who are negative, argumentative and blame others. We want respectful ‘good apples’.  Forensic Healing is not for everyone as it shows how you create and attract everything in your life. If you blame others, then you give away your power and you will get the same results therefore, Forensic Healing may not be a good fit as it is about empowering and changing to get better results.
  • Forensic Healing Practitioners need to adhere to this agreement otherwise their Forensic Healing Certification will be revoked. We pride ourselves on having the most sought-after healers in the world due to our high standards of practice.
  • Energy affects all of us so any pattern of negative feedback that has been received from colleagues, practitioners, students or clients will be taken seriously and the person may be removed from associations with Forensic Healing.
  • Marisa has a responsibility to create a nurturing environment for everyone connected to Forensic Healing (Forensic Healing’s reputation for getting amazing results is due to this factor). Students/Practitioners must take responsibility for their actions and energy; this is essential for attending Live Training. Marisa reserves the right to refuse a student or practitioner’s attendance to Live Training if the contrary is demonstrated. Refund to attend Live training upgrade will be applied prior to the commencement of training. The student may apply to attend a future Live training course if they can demonstrate they take ownership of their energy (or emotions).
  • We allow people to be free to feel what they want to feel, act how they want to act and say what they want to say. However, Forensic Healing has the choice and prerogative to continue associations of their choosing. Marisa reads people’s energy fields for a living so don’t underestimate her ability to know what people are thinking. Marisa advises all of her students of the ‘good apple’ policy, so if a student does not respect the reasons for the policy, no notice will be given when a student is removed from the complimentary materials offered. If a person is removed from the groups or complementary materials, this indicates the person has energetically affected her and others and she will not engage in correspondence with them to reduce any further damage to herself or others.
  • Attending Live Training or purchasing the Online system does not ensure automatic Certified Forensic Healing Level Status. This is an optional step for Forensic Healing Students to obtain. The Certification  is given when students have met the certification criteria satisfactorily.
  • All our Facebook groups, Forensic Healing Forum, downloadable forms, videos, information, physical copies of the two Forensic Healing pathway guides, etc are all bonus materials and complimentary for those accepted in our program.
  • All Forensic Healing Instructors/Practitioners need to provide their own indemnity insurance as Forensic Healing International does not cover their liabilities.

Create The Most Powerful Healer In You:

Adhere to the Law of Attraction

  • If struggling with attracting clients, ask yourself why you have created the situation and look inward for answers.
  • Take responsibility for every creation, do not place blame or negativity on others.
  • By acknowledging that you are the creator of everything (your energy field holds all your experiences, stresses, beliefs, intentions etc), empowers you to know why healings work – it is the basis for creating the lifestyle you desire. If a practitioner does not understand this underlying concept, they cannot relay this message to their clients. It is a basic concept that needs to be agreed upon before entering Forensic Healing training programs.

And let’s throw in some other important points…

  • Using personality and networking abilities helps speed up business growth.
  • Understanding that growing a business takes time, initiative and doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Forensic Healing students need to have access to a computer, email and have emailing and web-browsing skills.
  • Students need to have the ability to read and follow instructions.
  • Be resourceful and not get hung up on too many rules, Forensic Healing is built on flexibility and simplicity.

Forensic Healing Will Help You Yourself

Forensic Healing is essentially about healing yourself first. It is taking 100% responsibility for the things you attract and create as everything contains a message. When that occurs you have complete control of your life.

This entails seeing the things you have created in your life that you wish to change and using the Forensic Healing profile stage to see when the programming was embedded, what patterns it has created and making a concerted effort to change your mindset and change your choices on a continual basis. After receiving a healing, this can change your circumstances instantly (this occurs usually when someone has been making their own consistent changes). Negative patterns will continue if you refuse to see the truth, change and continue to choose the things that do not support you. It is a universal law that continual negative thoughts, negative surroundings, negative situations only attracts more of the same.

There is no better system than Forensic Healing to dig deep, see your patterns and make an effort to change them so you finally start creating the things that you want. This means being honest with yourself and others and putting in the effort to use the FH system on a continual basis. Pain pushes you to change, so make it the leverage to make the changes necessary as the Forensic Healing protocol enlightens you to your past experiences to change the future. Forensic Healing is not based on belief systems, it uses the natural laws of energy. i.e good energy heals and negative energy damages the energy fields. You can adapt these laws to your own individual style or beliefs.

The Forensic Healing Facebook Group is a place to connect with others, create meetups, share success stories, help others, ask questions etc. Marisa holds a regular monthly FB webinar where you can post your questions.

Please do not create breakaway Social Media healing groups, email lists or spam/solicit any of the Forensic Healing Members in the FH FB group etc

Refund Policy – “No Refunds for Change of Mind”

We will gladly exchange any item that arrives faulty or damaged in shipment if advised within 14 days of purchase. Please return the item (faulty DVDs should be returned with no packaging) to our postal address.

Monthly and advanced payments for purchased items such as manuals, DVDs, CDs, consultations, online courses, products, workshops or workshop deposits are strictly non-refundable as per the Australian Consumer Law that states when a consumer has a “Change of Mind” the store is not obliged to offer a refund.

If the consumer wishes to exchange a product or transfer the Forensic Healing course we will allow this one-time-only option as we understand circumstances can change. You can choose from the following:

  1. Pay the balance of monthly payments and on-sell to your nominated buyer. Notify us prior to approving the transfer.
  2. Pay outstanding balance and on-sell to your nominated buyer. Notify us prior to approving the transfer.
  3. Nominate a person to transfer the course in which they continue to complete the monthly payments. Notify us prior to approving the transfer.
  4. Exchange/transfer to another course/product to an equal or lesser amount.

Contact us with your nominee’s details so we can update our records, provide them with access to the online resources and provide the option to apply for Forensic Healing Certification status.


All payments for workshops in Australia only are transferable to other workshops prior to the commencement of the workshop (one transfer permitted only), otherwise, they are non-transferrable. If you fail to notify Forensic Healing that you are not attending an upcoming workshop then your registration is considered you have attended. The onus is on the student to contact Forensic Healing if you have changed contact details such as their email, address details, not getting notifications (they can go to spam) etc.

All workshops are strictly non-refundable whether you fail to attend or attend and have a “change of mind and monthly payments cannot be cancelled.” It is necessary to contact Forensic Healing if you fail to receive our workshop correspondence (save our contact email in your contacts list) and check your spam folder etc. as we cannot be responsible for outdated contact details.

If required, there are options available for customers to sample the Forensic Healing System by studying the free Forensic Healing Start-Up course prior to purchasing the full live training or home study course.

Our refund policy is more generous than others. Hay House offer non-refundable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable tickets:

Payment Policy

We offer a monthly payment option to make it more affordable for you to complete the course. This includes monthly automatic payments deducted from your credit card. When a scheduled payment fails, Forensic Healing incurs bank fees. If this occurs more than twice, a $25 fee will be charged to your credit card and interest will be charged on all overdue accounts.

If you request your payment date to be changed to a later date (one change permitted) a fee of $25 will be incurred for administration costs.

If a collection agency is sourced to recuperate unpaid invoices, the purchaser will be liable for all costs incurred by Forensic Healing in the recovery of any monies owed under this agreement; including recovery agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.


To keep in line with the government guidelines for COVID 19 offering the event online was the governments approved method to conduct the workshop until the restrictions are lifted.

Forensic Healing is in the same predicament as everyone else with Covid19. The world is not going back to how it was and we will have to change and navigate our way forward. We do not want to be impacted by the restrictions currently imposed on us. For this reason, being able to connect remotely is the way forward and especially for healing yourself and healing others.

We have conducted 7 Day live training workshops via Zoom which has proven to be a huge success.  This enables you to learn how to connect with others globally around the world if you choose to be a practitioner. You also learn how powerful your energy is by being able to heal and change lives from a distance. So in lieu of the Live Training classes, we have offered them online until a suitable time can be organised to deliver the workshops in person. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these matters.


If you have purchased the Forensic Healing physical course ($250) please note it can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive depending on shipping methods and dispatch dates. If the course has not arrived within 4 weeks, please contact our office. All other items are shipped from the Australian warehouse so please advise if an item has not arrived within 2 weeks if from Australia and 4 weeks internationally. We take no responsibility for any items reported missing after 8 weeks from the order date.

Thank You

Forensic Healing, officially launched in February 2011 and has received recognition well beyond expectations. Forensic Healing is having a major lifestyle impact with the media and industry leaders broadcasting their support globally. If you have more queries please read our FAQs. We are grateful for the original Forensic Healers who patiently watched our vision unfold to become the fastest growing women’s alternative therapy modality in the world. We have created this agreement to assist in the flow and positive momentum forward so that you experience support, understanding and good vibes as you journey with us. Thank you for recognising how these essential steps will ensure healing, growth, and love are guaranteed for you and others around you.

Love and blessings,

Marisa ♥

Disclaimer: Forensic Healing and Spiritual Development for women is not a professional medical body. Any information contained in any videos/publications/comments/blog posts etc are for entertainment purposes only. All information is intended for general guidance and must not be considered a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Marisa Russo or Forensic Healing makes no warranties or representation of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on this channel, websites, videos, social media pages, blog posts etc.

Marisa Russo/Forensic Healing does not affiliate itself with any political party, religious institution, governmental education, political, judicial or medical, system but supports any individual who is pro-human/animal rights and assists humanity break free. There are many courageous individuals making a difference to assist with the dismantling of the corrupted systems or those who help heal people from the trauma generated by the systems, especially the Forensic Healing Practitioners.  Each individual must do their own thorough research to ascertain who to support for humanity to thrive which will be those who oppose inhumane acts especially human/child trafficking etc. The awakening process on the planet is to awaken you to your freedom and sovereignty. For this to occur, the inhumanity must be uncovered and the perpetrators exposed to remove the global suffering.