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Top 3 reasons why people don’t heal

Have you ever wondered why some people heal from negative conditions with more ease than others? I have been analysing the reasons for this since I first began my healing career decades ago. I can now conclude that there are 3 main reasons why people stay stuck in their negative conditions and block their ability to heal.

How to be sensitive in an insensitive world

As I have been travelling around Europe, I am constantly asked the same question on how to succeed in life when you are a highly sensitive person. When you are highly sensitive, achieving your potential can often be a difficult process. The world can feel harsh and disempowering, especially when you feel others emotions and negative energies. Shopping centres, computers and phones can drain your energy. Does this sound like you?

4 steps to overcome chaos when the “shit” hits the fan

Have you ever had those times when you think you can’t go on a moment longer? You throw your hands in the air and wonder if the Universe has a warped sense of humour? Does it seem that everything goes wrong all at once, when it’s clearly impossible for a normal human being not to lose it? I have learned there is always something great that follows those moments to make enduring the challenges worth your while. Don’t give up just yet – there’s some good news coming…

How to stay on track to your life purpose and destiny

If you have ever watched Idol or any reality show, you will find the winners always have a great support system. Most of them give credit to their families for helping them live their dreams or for just believing and supporting them. On the other hand, when people give up their dreams or feel drained of energy, I see evidence of the opposite; the people surrounding them are often negative and tend to pull them down. This is where the saying “you are your relationships” comes from …