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awakening and ascension 2020

Great Awakening, Earth Changes and the Coronavirus Meaning.

The changes on the planet are now coming fast and furious. Get ready for the new world and great awakening. Fast change can cause grief as it produces a feeling of loss and stress. It’s not too late however to shift your energy so you can deal with the earth changes and challenges.

How to get help and support from the Universe

Have you got friends whom you just love to help and others you aren’t so keen to lend a hand to (the ones you roll your eyes at hoping it would end soon)? There are similarities in the way the universe works and why it responds more so to some, rather than others. These same concepts applies to why some people heal more readily, which will make sense when you analyse yourself and your own friends’ attractions.

healing solutions

How to find answers to your problems – 11 easy steps

How Do you have unanswered questions to your life problems? Do you have unresolved health problems, financial stresses or relationship problems you cannot find answers to? Relief is in sight, as you have come to the right place! I have spent my life finding answers to…