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Chaos to Calm 9-minute Meditation Video

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual inspired, quantum jumping, energy healing meditation. This meditation will help you if you are going through any crisis or have a stressful situation that is currently affecting you.

If you have compromised health,

How to Overcome Loneliness and Depression – What You Can Do

Are you one of the many lonely people out there who don’t have friends, or have friends or partners that you would be better off without? Life can feel very lonely, and often we settle for what we can get instead of choosing people we know we deserve. Having said that, I also understand why people settle for what they can get as it feels better than being alone. So, do we really need each other? What would happen if you moved on from your friends and family that may not be serving you?

Freeing the Unloved Girl

Excerpt from Freeing the Unloved Girl: How low can you go and recover?

How low is your self-worth? Did you ever wonder if you would never be able change your depressed feelings in spite of reading piles of books or trying any therapy that gave you a glimpse of hope? I was exactly the same as you, wondering how I could possibly feel any different about myself. In this excerpt from my book, I show you just how low I used to feel, which will reassure you that all is never lost ….

How to overcome emotional crisis

How to overcome emotional crisis

Have you ever had an emotional freak out over a breakup with a partner, fight with a family member, huge financial pressures or simply feel like everything is crashing down on you? This can cause you to feel stuck in your emotional turmoil and leave you paralysed from not being able to control your situation. After much trial and error, I have discovered 8 powerful methods to move you quickly from your negative state and get you attracting solutions and better outcomes.

Top 3 reasons why people don’t heal

Have you ever wondered why some people heal from negative conditions with more ease than others? I have been analysing the reasons for this since I first began my healing career decades ago. I can now conclude that there are 3 main reasons why people stay stuck in their negative conditions and block their ability to heal.

How to respond to pain and suffering?

Do you ever feel sorry for people or situations in a way that causes you to spend hours worrying and recounting the story to others? When you connect to the pain and stress of others, it can leave you feeling disempowered and distraught. In fact, there is so much media access to the unimaginable suffering in the world today that it can constantly leave you feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Did you know that this learned behaviour of feeling sorry and connecting to other people’s pain can actually cause more harm than good?

How to be sensitive in an insensitive world

As I have been travelling around Europe, I am constantly asked the same question on how to succeed in life when you are a highly sensitive person. When you are highly sensitive, achieving your potential can often be a difficult process. The world can feel harsh and disempowering, especially when you feel others emotions and negative energies. Shopping centres, computers and phones can drain your energy. Does this sound like you?

Are you disconnected from life?

Recently, I watched an episode of the Dr Phil show where he interviewed a mother and asked her to respond to his pressing question “Now that you look back, what were the tell tale signs that your partner was sexually abusing your children for all those years?” The audience and I waited with bated breath for the mother to respond and she answered… (read more in the article for her shocking response)

How to find self-love and self-worth

Have you taken an inventory of your relationships with others and can’t figure out why you aren’t attracting what you desire? Do you ever feel weighed down by your own regrets of what you’ve done, holding onto things you aren’t so proud of? If this is something you are struggling with, you need to re-evaluate your level of self-love. Easier said than done, but self-love is one of the most important ways to achieve what you want in life.

The first step to really lovin’ yourself is through forgiveness …