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awakening and ascension 2020

Great Awakening, Earth Changes and the Coronavirus Meaning.

The changes on the planet are now coming fast and furious. Get ready for the new world and great awakening. Fast change can cause grief as it produces a feeling of loss and stress. It’s not too late however to shift your energy so you can deal with the earth changes and challenges.

Opportunity for a free Energy Healing Course; Forensic Healing

Over the years I have had many requests from women wanting to work for Forensic Healing, assist me in workshops, or seek ways to support women in general which I am very grateful.

I am grateful that these lovely women see the value I offer and my commitment to free people’s souls from suffering and pain so that we can heal and co-create a humane planet.

Some People Are Bad For You

Science reveals… some people are bad for you

Do you think that it’s nobler to send love and blessings to those who get angry and attack you? Do you feel part of your purpose is to tolerate people who lack empathy?  Do you wonder if these people have any effect on your emotions,

How to get more self worth and self love video

Dr. Phil always said, “You teach people how to treat you.” This essentially means that if you don’t love you, others won’t either. Learn to love yourself crazy, so you are not leaving it up to others to fill the void and give yourself your love.

Do you have a curse or spell video

Have you experienced a time where things go wrong accompanied by a feeling something doesn’t feel right? You may have a curse or a spell on you…

Curses and spells are two of my favourite topics. They are not well explained or understood.

Freeing the Unloved Girl

Excerpt from Freeing the Unloved Girl: How low can you go and recover?

How low is your self-worth? Did you ever wonder if you would never be able change your depressed feelings in spite of reading piles of books or trying any therapy that gave you a glimpse of hope? I was exactly the same as you, wondering how I could possibly feel any different about myself. In this excerpt from my book, I show you just how low I used to feel, which will reassure you that all is never lost ….