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PTSD and survival mode

Getting out of survival mode

It is a new day and all you think of is doing what you can to just get by. As you told yourself before now, after this last project, after saving enough money or having a better relationship, things will become easier and you won’t feel this way anymore. 

How to Respond to World Terrorism and Chaos

I want to take a moment to create this video in light of the recent terrorist attacks. The one we heard about was in the UK. However, I understand there are more happening across the globe, including the recent attacks in the Philippines.

woman on a beautiful beach

Press Release – Women find freedom from fear

World-renowned award-winning alternative therapist, author, and abuse survivor shows women how to live without fear in a world of declining freedom.

Ms. Russo accidentally found her unique gift of knowing things when healing herself.  Her method reveals how to connect women to their innate defense weapon.

How to heal and respond to terrorism

Are you wondering how to go forward in a world that seems to filled with fear and violence in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris? We are now living in a world where we are more vulnerable than ever before.I can only imagine what it feels like to be a survivor or witness such horrific terrorist’s attacks that are now more rampant than ever.