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PTSD and survival mode

Getting out of survival mode

It is a new day and all you think of is doing what you can to just get by. As you told yourself before now, after this last project, after saving enough money or having a better relationship, things will become easier and you won’t feel this way anymore. 

Energy Healing to Assist with Anger and Pain

On the Melbourne Diploma Forensic Healing Live training, Stephanie attended for the last day. She volunteered for some energy healing for her stomach pain that occurred seven years prior. Her stomach muscles tightened so much, they created red lines on her skin.

Energy Healing and Forensic Healing Worldwide

We have received amazing feedback from women all over the world on how Forensic Healing changes lives. This lets me know my journey to healing myself has not been in vain. I want to thank everyone who has been, and still,

The Whole Story: Radio Interview in Los Angeles with Marisa Russo

I had the opportunity to speak on UBN’s “Truth Be Told” radio show, with FH Practitioner Emma Romano, covering topics like empowering and healing yourself, past life contracts, dealing with childhood trauma and how to turn your pain into power. Watch the recording for some candid moments!

Review of Forensic Healing live energy healing training

Marisa gave me the task of writing an article about Live training this week as I am relatively new to the business and this was my first experience of Forensic Healing with such a large group.  I was sitting in on the training and helping Marisa with the logistics of the event,