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How to be a lightworker

The DANGERS of Sending Love and Light to Your Enemies

Question: Do you send love and light to your enemies, attackers or opposing forces? The following information will reveal:

1. What is Love and Light
2. The dangerous effects of sending love and light.
3. The reasons you have attracted your enemies. …

how to remove fear and overcome it

No 1 Reason NOT to Fear and How to Overcome Fear

An excerpt from my upcoming book REVƎRSED

ThE Laws of EvErything EnErgy

Can you imagine a world where you live in peace, void of all fears? That amazing world is the upcoming fifth dimension. The world is transitioning into something wonderful,

spiritual protection healing hands

9 Steps on How to Protect Yourself Spiritually

The most common question asked by sensitive people is, “How do I protect my energy or what are some powerful spiritual protection techniques or prayers?” It was a question I never considered until I began the journey of healing myself with alternative healing methods.