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Top 7 Negative Emotions to Avoid from Others

Did you know that the energy from others converts in your day to day life attractions? Every situation in your life comes from energy sourced from places, yourself, and others.

It was only today while I was getting a manicure did the reality of this concept prove itself again.

Opportunity for a free Energy Healing Course; Forensic Healing

Over the years I have had many requests from women wanting to work for Forensic Healing, assist me in workshops, or seek ways to support women in general which I am very grateful.

I am grateful that these lovely women see the value I offer and my commitment to free people’s souls from suffering and pain so that we can heal and co-create a humane planet.

Feeling Stuck and Need Help Moving On?

Does your broken relationship need an autopsy report, to reveal the choices that left you feeling like a lonely, heartbroken, depressed, single woman? Some women stay in relationships for their “potential,” and some relationships start positive before they take a dark,

9 Steps to find your life purpose, calling and destiny

Are you challenged finding your life purpose? It’s because you’ve been conditioned to follow a path that’s directed by other’s expectations and your fear of failure. You’ve been influenced, misguided and led away from your true feelings, instincts, and alignment to your passions.

Ask Marisa Russo Anything

Ask Me Your Life Question to Get Healing Solutions

It’s time we talked…

Every day I receive a ton of questions – burning questions about deep-seated issues.

They often come from women who have struggled with unresolved emotional, physical and spiritual issues over a lifetime.

Some People Are Bad For You

Science reveals… some people are bad for you

Do you think that it’s nobler to send love and blessings to those who get angry and attack you? Do you feel part of your purpose is to tolerate people who lack empathy?  Do you wonder if these people have any effect on your emotions,

woman on a beautiful beach

Press Release – Women find freedom from fear

World-renowned award-winning alternative therapist, author, and abuse survivor shows women how to live without fear in a world of declining freedom.

Ms. Russo accidentally found her unique gift of knowing things when healing herself.  Her method reveals how to connect women to their innate defense weapon.

How to Overcome Loneliness and Depression – What You Can Do

Are you one of the many lonely people out there who don’t have friends, or have friends or partners that you would be better off without? Life can feel very lonely, and often we settle for what we can get instead of choosing people we know we deserve. Having said that, I also understand why people settle for what they can get as it feels better than being alone. So, do we really need each other? What would happen if you moved on from your friends and family that may not be serving you?

how to remove suffering

Vows and contracts to suffer and how to remove suffering

Have you heard of the notion that we come into this life with personal karmic agreements to endure difficult situations for our own and others’ good? I was recommended a book that interviewed mediums and psychics who connect with people’s souls to determine their soul’s contracted trials, suffering and their reason for agreeing to them. If our fate is pre-determined, we have no choice in changing it. The concept is very disempowering. Therefore, I found a way to cancel the “personal karmic contracts” and achieve freedom and happiness. Read on to find out how.

Freeing the Unloved Girl

Excerpt from Freeing the Unloved Girl: How low can you go and recover?

How low is your self-worth? Did you ever wonder if you would never be able change your depressed feelings in spite of reading piles of books or trying any therapy that gave you a glimpse of hope? I was exactly the same as you, wondering how I could possibly feel any different about myself. In this excerpt from my book, I show you just how low I used to feel, which will reassure you that all is never lost ….

Are the people you admire affecting you?

When you admire or love someone, you make unconscious and/or conscious decisions to be like them. This admiration is influencing your everyday attractions and decisions on many levels that you may not be aware of. Each day you are making decisions that are molding you to become more like the people you admire, love or have committed to follow. Let me explain…

Soul loss can cause a bad relationship

Have you felt compelled to continue a relationship with someone even when you know they are wrong for you, or you feel life has no meaning without them? Another scenario can be when your partner directs unprovoked anger or animosity towards you and they don’t even know why they have this reaction to you. These situations can be resolved if the cause is you having a fragment of their soul, or they have one of yours.

How to overcome emotional crisis

How to overcome emotional crisis

Have you ever had an emotional freak out over a breakup with a partner, fight with a family member, huge financial pressures or simply feel like everything is crashing down on you? This can cause you to feel stuck in your emotional turmoil and leave you paralysed from not being able to control your situation. After much trial and error, I have discovered 8 powerful methods to move you quickly from your negative state and get you attracting solutions and better outcomes.

How to Stop and Heal Emotional Triggers

Anytime you experience strong emotional reactions to situations, an emotional trigger has set you off. Emotional triggers are stored in your body and are subconsciously activated time and time again. The stronger the emotional response you have to situations, the more easily you can be triggered when similar situations occur again. Removing these detrimental triggers can be a difficult process as they become who you are – a part of your personality that can hold back your personal growth.

How to respond to pain and suffering?

Do you ever feel sorry for people or situations in a way that causes you to spend hours worrying and recounting the story to others? When you connect to the pain and stress of others, it can leave you feeling disempowered and distraught. In fact, there is so much media access to the unimaginable suffering in the world today that it can constantly leave you feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Did you know that this learned behaviour of feeling sorry and connecting to other people’s pain can actually cause more harm than good?

How to get help and support from the Universe

Have you got friends whom you just love to help and others you aren’t so keen to lend a hand to (the ones you roll your eyes at hoping it would end soon)? There are similarities in the way the universe works and why it responds more so to some, rather than others. These same concepts applies to why some people heal more readily, which will make sense when you analyse yourself and your own friends’ attractions.

Finding Mr. Right – Your Soul Mate

Are you still waiting for your fairy godmother to wave her magic wand so your worn out Target jeans and t-shirt can turn into a beautiful silk ball gown and Prince Charming will magically appear to save you from your misery? You probably need a reality check as all those fairy tale stories have given you the wrong idea. They have left you moping around, waiting for a phone call from a tall dark handsome man. Let’s be real, all the “Knights in Shining Armour” (and yes girls, they are out there) are not looking in messy kitchens for a woman who sits by the phone. However, you do have a soul mate and I’ve got some great ideas on how to attract him into your life, so listen real close …

When to stay and when to leave in relationships

Have you found yourself asking “Should I leave or should I stay in a relationship?” The same could be said with a friendship that leaves you questioning “Is this good for me?”. When you have an unbalanced relationship that leaves you feeling devalued and disrespected, do you fear being the one to end it by telling them they are no longer welcome in your life? This can be difficult to do, especially if they are a family member. The answer to this is …

Are you disconnected from life?

Recently, I watched an episode of the Dr Phil show where he interviewed a mother and asked her to respond to his pressing question “Now that you look back, what were the tell tale signs that your partner was sexually abusing your children for all those years?” The audience and I waited with bated breath for the mother to respond and she answered… (read more in the article for her shocking response)

4 steps to overcome chaos when the “shit” hits the fan

Have you ever had those times when you think you can’t go on a moment longer? You throw your hands in the air and wonder if the Universe has a warped sense of humour? Does it seem that everything goes wrong all at once, when it’s clearly impossible for a normal human being not to lose it? I have learned there is always something great that follows those moments to make enduring the challenges worth your while. Don’t give up just yet – there’s some good news coming…

Choose yourself and put yourself first

One of the hardest things for women to do is to put themselves first. There’s always an excuse to sacrifice yourself for your children, partners, friends or coworkers. This will cost you in many ways and leave you feeling worn out and resentful. No-one else is going to put you first, may as well be you and here’s some steps on how…

How to stay on track to your life purpose and destiny

If you have ever watched Idol or any reality show, you will find the winners always have a great support system. Most of them give credit to their families for helping them live their dreams or for just believing and supporting them. On the other hand, when people give up their dreams or feel drained of energy, I see evidence of the opposite; the people surrounding them are often negative and tend to pull them down. This is where the saying “you are your relationships” comes from …

How to find self-love and self-worth

Have you taken an inventory of your relationships with others and can’t figure out why you aren’t attracting what you desire? Do you ever feel weighed down by your own regrets of what you’ve done, holding onto things you aren’t so proud of? If this is something you are struggling with, you need to re-evaluate your level of self-love. Easier said than done, but self-love is one of the most important ways to achieve what you want in life.

The first step to really lovin’ yourself is through forgiveness …