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How to Get More Clients for Alternative Therapists

Imagine if you found the secret to bringing in a steady flow of paying clients! You could relax, knowing that your bills are paid. You could spend some precious time planning to invest your surplus funds on yourself, your loved ones or that townhouse to call your own.

9 Steps to find your life purpose, calling and destiny

Are you challenged finding your life purpose? It’s because you’ve been conditioned to follow a path that’s directed by other’s expectations and your fear of failure. You’ve been influenced, misguided and led away from your true feelings, instincts, and alignment to your passions.

Ask Marisa Russo Anything

Ask Me Your Life Question to Get Healing Solutions

It’s time we talked…

Every day I receive a ton of questions – burning questions about deep-seated issues.

They often come from women who have struggled with unresolved emotional, physical and spiritual issues over a lifetime.