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Toxic People Causing Heart pain

Can toxic people have a hold over you and cause heart pain?

Have you been in a relationship you shouldn’t have and found it difficult to leave?  When you attract these types of relationships, you can find the same type of energy contained in your energy field stemming from childhood. The following video is a demonstration from the Forensic Healing 7-Day live energy healing workshop where I combine energy healing,

Childhood trauma in Hospitals and Cultures

Do you stop to think if something is right for your child just because it is the norm and accepted in society? Do you think about your childhood and wonder if it has damaged you? This video from my recent Melbourne healing event gives clear evidence of how fragile children’s experiences can be.

Spiritual, energy healing to shift pain from loss of loved ones

I had a brief moment in between Sydney Forensic Healing Live training and Brisbane Essentials workshop for a quick hello. Captured is a two-minute video of the first healing that kicked off the course demonstrating the magic of Forensic Healing using spiritual healing techniques.

Energy Healing to Assist with Anger and Pain

On the Melbourne Diploma Forensic Healing Live training, Stephanie attended for the last day. She volunteered for some energy healing for her stomach pain that occurred seven years prior. Her stomach muscles tightened so much, they created red lines on her skin.

How to Get More Clients for Alternative Therapists

Imagine if you found the secret to bringing in a steady flow of paying clients! You could relax, knowing that your bills are paid. You could spend some precious time planning to invest your surplus funds on yourself, your loved ones or that townhouse to call your own.

Ask Marisa Russo Anything

Ask Me Your Life Question to Get Healing Solutions

It’s time we talked…

Every day I receive a ton of questions – burning questions about deep-seated issues.

They often come from women who have struggled with unresolved emotional, physical and spiritual issues over a lifetime.

Energy Healing and Forensic Healing Worldwide

We have received amazing feedback from women all over the world on how Forensic Healing changes lives. This lets me know my journey to healing myself has not been in vain. I want to thank everyone who has been, and still,

Doubtful Woman holding Question Mark

How to respond to people who betray and lie to you

It still never ceases to amaze me how our experiences in childhood create such strong patterns and conditioning within us. I was recently working with a lovely girl (I will call her Kelly). I first saw Kelly three years ago when she was in deep distress over an ex-boyfriend who betrayed her…