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Childhood trauma in Hospitals and Cultures

Do you stop to think if something is right for your child just because it is the norm and accepted in society? Do you think about your childhood and wonder if it has damaged you? This video from my recent Melbourne healing event gives clear evidence of how fragile children’s experiences can be.

Alternative energy healing courses and workshops Melbourne

Energy Healing for Trauma and Pain

One of the very courageous women (Sharon) at the Perth Forensic Healing Essentials Workshop experienced disc pain from a bulging disc. Her suffering began after a back injury while at work. Sharon’s pain would skyrocket to excruciating levels that even cortisone injections could not relieve.

Ask Marisa Russo Anything

Ask Me Your Life Question to Get Healing Solutions

It’s time we talked…

Every day I receive a ton of questions – burning questions about deep-seated issues.

They often come from women who have struggled with unresolved emotional, physical and spiritual issues over a lifetime.

how to heal with your hands

Learn to heal with your hands using healing energy

Ever wondered how you could use energy healing to assist someone you know who is in pain or feeling stressed? It can feel disempowering if you have a sick child or a loved one who is suffering, and your only options are to rely on another person or medications to help them. Rest assured – there is a remedy you can apply immediately while help is on its way.

Reasons why you have addictions

In this video, I speak out about what’s really behind addictive behaviour. Whether it’s food, alcohol, sex or drugs, there’s always a reason. This is why I love energy healing to heal broken, shattered souls

Blessings and love,

How to solve any problem with affirmations

Many years ago, I was attending an Anthony Robbins seminar where the team leaders instructed us to walk along the grassy outdoor area of the venue for our evening session. We were each given a lit candle, and for over two hours, we repeated the mantra “All I need is within me now”. It was a mesmerizing sight as I viewed the thousands of people following each other, walking over green hills in the moonlight…