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why change is hard

The Number 1 Reason People Don’t Change.

Everyone has dreams and desires they want to fulfil. Whether it’s completing a degree, running a business, feeling joy, overcoming fears, losing weight, experiencing a loving relationship, or speaking to thousands. Achieving goals in life gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride.

how to remove fear and overcome it

No 1 Reason NOT to Fear and How to Overcome Fear

An excerpt from my upcoming book REVƎRSED

ThE Laws of EvErything EnErgy

Can you imagine a world where you live in peace, void of all fears? That amazing world is the upcoming fifth dimension. The world is transitioning into something wonderful,

Proof that self judgement causes physical pain

Can self judgement and negative self talk causes pain?

Do you believe in the laws of energy? This means that wherever you direct your energy, it will grow into something of the same vibration? This short video demonstrates proof that negative self-judgment or negative self-talk can cause harm to yourself.

Toxic People Causing Heart pain

Can toxic people have a hold over you and cause heart pain?

Have you been in a relationship you shouldn’t have and found it difficult to leave?  When you attract these types of relationships, you can find the same type of energy contained in your energy field stemming from childhood. The following video is a demonstration from the Forensic Healing 7-Day live energy healing workshop where I combine energy healing,

The Ascension Process: Getting Off the Matrix Video

For decades I have tried to make sense of the human experience and how the law of attraction can be the most powerful tool to create an amazing and free life. Making sense of how the world operates and why there is so much heartache can be daunting and complex to understand.

Opportunity for a free Energy Healing Course; Forensic Healing

Over the years I have had many requests from women wanting to work for Forensic Healing, assist me in workshops, or seek ways to support women in general which I am very grateful.

I am grateful that these lovely women see the value I offer and my commitment to free people’s souls from suffering and pain so that we can heal and co-create a humane planet.

How to Respond to World Terrorism and Chaos

I want to take a moment to create this video in light of the recent terrorist attacks. The one we heard about was in the UK. However, I understand there are more happening across the globe, including the recent attacks in the Philippines.

Who Will Lead the World?

Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about the future of our planet and children? The Cabal has turned up the heat to full throttle trying to stop the global awakening that has unfolded.

The severe violations of our planet are experiencing like the recent Manchester Bombing in the UK is an example of their increased desperate attacks on humanity.

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden Reveals New Concepts to Ascend

Last weekend, I was teaching Forensic Healing in Perth so I took the opportunity to attend the one-day event with Gregg Braden. Gregg has been leading the way in the area of quantum physics and is the author of many books including the Divine Matrix.

Watch amazing spiritual healing demonstrations using Forensic Healing

The moment I decided to write the new “Soul Manual,” which contains deep spiritual soul healings, there seems to be a magic occurring around me. The knowledge that we are spiritual beings is now at the forefront of people’s minds as to why they may be having difficulties or feeling stuck in their life.

Heal childhood abuse and trauma

Steps to Overcome Childhood Trauma; Forensic Healing

When a child’s brain is not fully developed, they can retain hurtful events throughout their lives. Childhood trauma is a scary, violent or life-threatening event that happened in childhood. The event may be accompanied by a serious injury to the body.

Soul Healing to Shift Pain and Stress

I am forever in awe of what physically takes place to our spirit, soul or heart after a trauma, shock or stress. Last week I presented at the Vancouver Banyen Book Store. The demonstration showed how you couldn’t heal unless you heal the “unseen” damage of your soul that resides in your energy field.

What to do about the USA Donald Trump Election

Disclaimer: This post was written in 2016 when Trump got elected. All I knew about him was what the media purported. Even so, I didn’t see him as being president of the USA a bad thing. And after all I know now,

Top Up Your Self-Worth with Energy Healing

Discover the “Self-Love Potion” so you can do anything you put your mind to and fulfil your life purpose. You would never doubt yourself again.

If it were truly possible to create a magic “Self-Love Potion,” almost every woman on the planet would buy it.

Feeling Stuck and Need Help Moving On?

Does your broken relationship need an autopsy report, to reveal the choices that left you feeling like a lonely, heartbroken, depressed, single woman? Some women stay in relationships for their “potential,” and some relationships start positive before they take a dark,

Keeping Safe and Away from Danger using intuition

Do you feel the need to barricade yourself inside, hire the SAS as security guards, recruit German Shepherd police dogs, install high tech security cameras, build an air raid bunker, or enclose your house within an electric fence–just to keep yourself safe?

How Science and Universal Laws Create Abundance and Wealth

Wealth or Poverty? It’s All in Your Cells

Are you one of the many who struggles with finances, never having enough money? Science reveals that your cells can be addicted to being poor or wealthy! Do you think the odds are stacked against you for prosperity and abundance?

How to get more self worth and self love video

Dr. Phil always said, “You teach people how to treat you.” This essentially means that if you don’t love you, others won’t either. Learn to love yourself crazy, so you are not leaving it up to others to fill the void and give yourself your love.

woman on a beautiful beach

Press Release – Women find freedom from fear

World-renowned award-winning alternative therapist, author, and abuse survivor shows women how to live without fear in a world of declining freedom.

Ms. Russo accidentally found her unique gift of knowing things when healing herself.  Her method reveals how to connect women to their innate defense weapon.

How to heal and respond to terrorism

Are you wondering how to go forward in a world that seems to filled with fear and violence in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris? We are now living in a world where we are more vulnerable than ever before.I can only imagine what it feels like to be a survivor or witness such horrific terrorist’s attacks that are now more rampant than ever.

The Whole Story: Radio Interview in Los Angeles with Marisa Russo

I had the opportunity to speak on UBN’s “Truth Be Told” radio show, with FH Practitioner Emma Romano, covering topics like empowering and healing yourself, past life contracts, dealing with childhood trauma and how to turn your pain into power. Watch the recording for some candid moments!

how to remove suffering

Vows and contracts to suffer and how to remove suffering

Have you heard of the notion that we come into this life with personal karmic agreements to endure difficult situations for our own and others’ good? I was recommended a book that interviewed mediums and psychics who connect with people’s souls to determine their soul’s contracted trials, suffering and their reason for agreeing to them. If our fate is pre-determined, we have no choice in changing it. The concept is very disempowering. Therefore, I found a way to cancel the “personal karmic contracts” and achieve freedom and happiness. Read on to find out how.

Freeing the Unloved Girl

Excerpt from Freeing the Unloved Girl: How low can you go and recover?

How low is your self-worth? Did you ever wonder if you would never be able change your depressed feelings in spite of reading piles of books or trying any therapy that gave you a glimpse of hope? I was exactly the same as you, wondering how I could possibly feel any different about myself. In this excerpt from my book, I show you just how low I used to feel, which will reassure you that all is never lost ….

Review of Forensic Healing live energy healing training

Marisa gave me the task of writing an article about Live training this week as I am relatively new to the business and this was my first experience of Forensic Healing with such a large group.  I was sitting in on the training and helping Marisa with the logistics of the event,

Are the people you admire affecting you?

When you admire or love someone, you make unconscious and/or conscious decisions to be like them. This admiration is influencing your everyday attractions and decisions on many levels that you may not be aware of. Each day you are making decisions that are molding you to become more like the people you admire, love or have committed to follow. Let me explain…