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false Karma

False Karma. Do you have Bad Karma that is not Yours?

What is Negative Karma?

Karma is often used in conversations especially in negative context. However, karma is basically the idea that current and previous actions of a person ultimately influence their future experience.

It is about the cycle of action and reactions.

how to remove a curse

How to know the effects and signs you are cursed

I have just returned from the Adelaide Essentials workshop which was supported by some fantastic women keen to take their healing journey to the next level.

The very first healing I conducted was for Rosanna who endured 18 months of chronic,

Watch amazing spiritual healing demonstrations using Forensic Healing

The moment I decided to write the new “Soul Manual,” which contains deep spiritual soul healings, there seems to be a magic occurring around me. The knowledge that we are spiritual beings is now at the forefront of people’s minds as to why they may be having difficulties or feeling stuck in their life.

Energy Healing to Remove Impact Of Drug

Using Energy Healing to Remove Impact Of Drug Abuse Video

Do you wonder if your pain or stress is coming from outside sources that stops you from functioning in life? While I was in Los Angeles, I witnessed the physical consequences of abuse, drugs, and stress. This was all captured on video while I presented at the Mystic Book Store in Venice.

Do you have a curse or spell video

Have you experienced a time where things go wrong accompanied by a feeling something doesn’t feel right? You may have a curse or a spell on you…

Curses and spells are two of my favourite topics. They are not well explained or understood.

How to Remove the Scientology Billion year Contract

I knew nothing about the Billion Year Scientology contract until recently when I was searching for answers to a couple of my clients bizarre and chronic conditions. These clients had very difficult conditions to solve – when I have tried everything in my arsenal, I go searching and ask for help from universal sources…