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PTSD and survival mode

Getting out of survival mode

It is a new day and all you think of is doing what you can to just get by. As you told yourself before now, after this last project, after saving enough money or having a better relationship, things will become easier and you won’t feel this way anymore. 

Proof that self judgement causes physical pain

Can self judgement and negative self talk causes pain?

Do you believe in the laws of energy? This means that wherever you direct your energy, it will grow into something of the same vibration? This short video demonstrates proof that negative self-judgment or negative self-talk can cause harm to yourself.

Toxic People Causing Heart pain

Can toxic people have a hold over you and cause heart pain?

Have you been in a relationship you shouldn’t have and found it difficult to leave?  When you attract these types of relationships, you can find the same type of energy contained in your energy field stemming from childhood. The following video is a demonstration from the Forensic Healing 7-Day live energy healing workshop where I combine energy healing,