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Energy Healing course: Find the real cause behind a condition using new healing secrets

Ever watched CSI? Or taken in by a good crime drama? You know the routine, after a crime is committed, the scene is investigated and the story put together to find the who, what, where, when and why of the crime. Usually there’s an intuitive, attractive investigator using her analytical mind and gut instincts to figure out the story.

With Forensic Healing you get to be that cluey investigator and use your logic and intuition to get to the bottom of the ‘crime’, or in our case – real, long standing physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

Forensic Healing is the most advanced healing system

    • Forensic Healing combines kinesiology, energy healing, hands on healing and healing secrets to free the body of pain, stress and unwanted conditions.
    • Forensic Healing balances relationship stress, financial blocks, health conditions or anything that causes stress or pain in your life.
    • Forensic Healing empowers you by providing the answers to why something occurs in your life and releases the emotional, spiritual and physical blocks so balance and harmony is restored.
    • The Forensic Healing protocol allows you as the practitioner to incorporate your own healing methods and therapy systems to maximize the results.
    • Use Forensic Healing for distance healings and treat your clients anywhere in the world.
    • Forensic Healing contains a fail proof protocol, that profiles your client and directs you as the practitioner so the healing is safe and empowering for all participants.
    • Forensic Healing incorporates a combination of the most effective healing modalities that have been simplified so you can apply one of the 90+ healing pathways that is most relevant to the body.
    • You will discover a fast bio-feedback method to read energy fields, identify the cause and release stresses from your client’s  body.
    • Experience immediate relief from any condition and a new sense of freedom and empowerment in your life.
    • Your can learn Forensic Healing to heal yourself, others or advance your own healing career.
    • Forensic Healing is a certified course in many countries which allows you as a diploma level practitioner to obtain insurance and get listed on our practitioner directory.
    • You will discover that everything you experience in life is held in your energy field and you have the power to change it for yourself and others. It allows the client to see their part in their own creations.
    • The power of Forensic Healing is centered in it’s structured protocol with unique opening and closing statements, profiling methods, and using speed and accuracy to determine the cause of a condition with embedded healing secrets.
    • Forensic Healing is the world’s first healing system taught to women only.
    • Forensic Healing can be used on babies, children, men, women, cleansing environments and much more.

Heal Women and the World Will Heal

Our workshops are now ‘women only’, as Marisa has been guided to create a safe environment where women can share, support and nurture each other to achieve the deepest of healings. We’ve got the deep hurts to heal, releasing life times of pain and suffering. We have a lot of fun while getting to the deep stuff, releasing scars of abuse, sacrifice vows, curses, negative energies and past negative connections. We release them in a safe, nurturing and protected space so you can move forward in freedom and bring back your mojo for life.

All that stone-age programming and conditioning can keep you feeling shackled and prevent you from being the great, powerful woman you were born to be. We have been given powerful, spiritual gifts, talents and abilities that we rarely access. It’s time to move forward and this is your fast-track process to do it!

Online home study or Live training workshops

You are invited to be a part of our Women only Live or Online Trainings. We aim to provide an environment that feels light, safe and enjoyable for everyone. You can either study Forensic Healing Online or Live. Our Online course is brilliant for those living interstate or overseas. You can connect with women all around the world through a home study program.

Marisa Russo: Forensic Healing Founder

We created an online community through the forums and connect through social media creating a supportive, nurturing and growing community. Live training is the ultimate experience! It’s where magic happens… 7 full days of deep healings, energetic activations, potentials realised, and a whole lot of fun! You have never experienced anything like this before!

Our mission

We envision a world where every everyone is free of abuse, suppression, pain and control… free to be themselves, feeling worthy, powerful.

Forensic Healing is on a mission. Our workshops focus on teaching women. We see the key to world peace through freeing women first. Although Forensic Healing is women only workshops, it can be used for women, men, children, environments, animals or any situation or condition that is presented.

Have you felt a yearning to heal others and do you feel drawn to be part of the Forensic Healing vision changing the world? Hop on board and join us on this journey.

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