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I was born innocent, pure, and free
And then my father took that away from me
As he inflicted abuse with anger and hate
He grabbed the belt; it was my fate
I was in a battlefield, I was in a war

He beat me
He molested me
He was the law
Every day I pleaded to God to take away the pain
But he never did, it was always the same

After one day of horror, I shut myself down
I put on a happy face and became a clown
I said, “This is not happening.” I pretended it was fine
I was frozen in pain; I was frozen in time
Life had no meaning; it was wasting away
I was living in fear and living in vain

As I peeled off the layers, I remembered the pain
I dropped to my knees, begging God to end it again
It was in those darkest moments that I connected to source
I found my gift, I found my force
Now I am whole I can help others heal
I finally know what it means to be real

Marisa Russo


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