Universe Decoded Online Course

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Discover How Every Creation Is Inside You. Recode Your Blueprint to Remove Problems, Master Success and Manifesting


Discover How Every Creation Is Inside You
Decode Your Life, Create the Tipping Point for Success,
Get the Keys to Manifest and Change the Trajectory of your Life

You emit energy that attracts your experiences throughout every moment of the day. Most people are unaware of how their energy is affected and influenced by preconceived ideas, past experiences, traumas, judgments, conditioning or programming about how life should look.

This course includes compelling case studies demonstrating how years of pain can be removed instantly, long-term anxiety and stress can completely vanish, Plus astonishing reports of job offers, unexpected monetary gifts, and sudden substantial increases in income. All these transformations are achieved through the power of energy.

When you understand how your life reflects what is inside you, you become motivated to change. Understanding the science of energy and how it works puts the power back in your hands, allowing you to be, do, and have whatever you desire by undoing past programming, healing, and consciously choosing a better path.

Your experiences leave imprints on your energy field, influencing your life. You can alter your energetic vibrations by being conscious and looking inwardly to see the truth so you can be set free. Acknowledging your power to shape your energetic landscape empowers you to manifest a fulfilling reality.

This course was created after decades of experience healing others and uncovering the scientific principles behind manifestation and healing.

Completing this course will catapult your life, enabling you to heal faster and manifest your desires instantly.

By embracing the science of energy, awakening to where your energy is directed, and “following the energy,” you can unlock your full potential and transform your life. It’s time to unveil your greatest manifestation power and use it to free yourself from burdens, problems, and suffering.

You will discover:

✅ How to transform pain into power and reverse negative cycles and patterns.
✅ Discover how every creation is inside you
✅ Uncover the missing keys to manifestation.
✅ Trace the origins of your attractions and amplify energy for manifestation.
✅ Advance your intuition and higher guidance.
✅ Use free energy, UPGRADE yourself and blueprint and what the Universe deliver your requests!
✅ Decode the messages from the Universe and learn how to place “orders” for the things you want.
✅ Techniques to raise vibration and attract abundance and freedom.
✅ Find the origins of your attractions and techniques to amplify energy for manifestation.
✅ How you are programmed and methods to reverse it, attracting abundance, success, and happiness.
✅ The rules of the game of life.


Whenever a problem arises, use the Situation/Issue Assessment Quiz to
identify the factors influencing your situation or issue.
Then, proceed to the corresponding module to overcome and transform your problem and its impact.


Topics covered include:

Specific Area Description Specific Area Description
🔄 Change Direction Recognise when life nudges you to take a different path. 🧙‍♂️ Curses Identify and release negative energy and curses affecting you.
😢 Suffering View suffering as a program that needs to be removed. 🔁 Patterns/Cycles/Beliefs Identify recurring themes that reveal your deepest beliefs and behaviours.
⚡ Backlash Understand that you are changing your blueprint and energy, which causes disturbances in the “field”. 🧩 Soul Fragmentation Identify fragmented parts of yourself that need healing and reintegration.
⚖️ Karma Understand the consequences of your actions and the lessons they teach. 💪 Weaknesses Need Strengthening Identify areas where you can develop strength and resilience.
🧪 Toxins/Heavy Metals/AI/Poisons Identify areas where you need to cleanse yourself and your environment. 🌱 Growth/Expansion Embrace the process of evolving and becoming your best self.
⚫ Negative Energy and Connections Identify and transform negative energies and connections. 🔌 Disconnection, Lack of Awareness Become aware of and reconnect with your true self.
🆔 Identity/Authenticity Understand and develop a strong sense of who you are. 🌐 Law of One Embrace that we are all connected and that our inner world creates our outer experiences.

The “Universe Decoded” course is designed for you to break free and transform negative, painful experiences into something more beautiful.

law of attraction overcome pain and suffering

This course is ideal for:

Spiritual Seekers: Exploring metaphysical ideas and seeking spiritual growth for deeper meaning in life.

Personal Development Enthusiasts: Aiming to improve themselves and expand their consciousness with practical tools and insights.

People Facing Life Challenges: Feeling blocked or stuck, looking for clarity, direction, and ways to overcome obstacles, not waste painful experiences and use them for change.

Curious Minds: Interested in understanding how the universe works, including the laws of attraction and manifestation.

Practitioners of Alternative Healing: Holistic health and energy healing practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge of energetic and spiritual principles.

Science and Philosophy Buffs: Intrigued by the intersection of science, philosophy, and spirituality, seeking comprehensive explanations of the universe.

Those Seeking Purpose: Searching for their life’s purpose, understanding why pain and suffering exist and a greater sense of direction and fulfilment.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioners: Wanting to enhance their practices with a deeper understanding of energy and universal laws.

Understanding Energy: Learning how energy works, how it creates experiences, and how to harness this knowledge for better outcomes.

This course provides powerful solutions for understanding and overcoming personal challenges, achieving personal growth, and harnessing the power of energy to become the best version of yourself by overcoming yourself.


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