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“Forensic Healing System Questions Ask Here” course for any questions regarding the Forensic Healing Certification course i.e Marketing, The Protocol, Universal Laws, Distance Healings etc

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6 reviews for Forensic Healing System Questions Ask Here

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    Sotiria (verified owner)


    Wonder if there is a list explaining the soul aspects? Some are self explanatory but not all. For example, Soul 0rima is not clear for me.

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    Melanie Walkom

    Hi Marisa,

    I live in a duplex with my daughter & her fiancè. I have noticed that ever since I started studying the FH Online Diploma that my neighbours banging and slamming doors has dramatically increased.The walls & roof frame reverberate because of the slamming which sets my nerves alight as it sounds like constant gun shots going off. I have PTSD & several auto immune diseases so my nervous system is already on overload. I have trouble sleeping & when I am able to get to sleep am often woken by the sharp banging.
    I am wondering if it is possible that during the protocol while self Healing & closing the case & completing the statements, especially “. This building, . This surrounding area”, that I am dealing with a situation where I am unknowing interfering with their free will?, as we all share the same roof , building & surrounding area? If she does have mental health issues, are her attachments/entities making her behave this way because of what I am doing & what I am calling in and calling upon & or releasing during the protocol & especially the closing statements?
    I found out quite recently after complaining to the real estate that the female tenant apparently has mental health issues. Even before I started studying the male neighbour was polite ( he still is ) but she has always ignored me & won’t even look at me. She has become worse since I was stood down from my island job & had to return here, which is when I started studying.
    I am leaving the duplex within the week as I am bone weary, but would really appreciate some insight with this situation so that no matter where I am in the future this pattern does not repeat itself again, especially when I am self Healing & am not intentionally interfering with someone’s free will if we are living separate but are under the same roof.

    In Love & Light


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    Diana Ryan

    Hello Marisa and team,
    Hope you are keeping well. Like Sandra above, I would really like some more information on the Soul Aspect Scan List. I would like to understand the listed items better in order to provide clearer information to clients.
    I would also appreciate more information for the Aura/Chakra elements/details please.
    Thank you kindly for your assistance.
    Love and blessings,
    Diana Ryan

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    Morning, my question is: does Marisa have a chart or list with a brief description of all the aspects on the Soul Aspects scan list?

    If not, do you think she could create one and add it to the module content for the soul course please.

    I feel i need more clarity and giving my clients a more understanding of what comes up for them.

    I also struggle with the understanding of the Aura Elements and the Chakra Elements.

    Is there a link to the info she could give me that would explain the aura and Chakra Elements in more detail please. If she can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

    I have been meaning to ask her for a very long time about this but haven’t sat down to right an email till now. Perhaps others are feeling the same way.

    Not all are self explanatory. What is self explanatory to one person may not be for another. I really would appreciate your help.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you
    Love and blessings
    Sandra Baca.

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    Marisa Russo (verified owner)

    Awesome Leesa

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    Leesa Holt (verified owner)

    Hey Marisa,
    I recently had a stall at my first healers market and spoke about Forensic healing and what a difference it has made in my life and my clients. Unbeknownst to me, the lady who’s stall that I was next is an organiser for your local wellness centre and is always on the look out for new presenters to her panel. Well, she got in contact with me today and asked if I would be interested in doing a presentation on Forensic Healing in April.
    I am super excited, but also wanting some guidance on how to go about the presentation. ( I recently finished my diploma, but have had FH in my life for 6 years now) any advice would be amazing.
    Cheers leesa

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