7-Day Live Training… Where the Magic Really Happens!

The ultimate week-long experience to address every aspect of your life or become a qualified Forensic Healing practitioner, based on kinesiology principles. It will be a week of self-healing, spiritual connection and realigning yourself. All seven modules, including the NEW AWAKENING Module, are taught and practised. It’s where the magic really happens… 7 full days of deep healings, energetic activations, healing potentials realised, and a whole lot of fun! You have never experienced anything quite like this before! This is a life-changing course. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be transformed.

Immerse yourself in our signature, women only transformative environment and take your relationships, health, self-confidence and finances to the next level. The Forensic Healing system is the deepest, most simple and effective energy healing experience to release the energetic blocks that cause stress, pain, and long-term conditions. It uses a bio-feedback system similar to Kinesiology. Forensic Healers help answer long-standing questions regarding life struggles for themselves (getting results starts with healing yourself) and those suffering from physical, emotional, spiritual conditions, behavioural and relationship problems.

What is Forensic Healing?

You will cover all 7 healing modules in detail:

Module 1: Principles

Learn biofeedback based on kinesiology methods to read the body’s energy field. Find information in the Forensic Healing System Protocol to profile, collect and analyse evidence about a condition, reconstruct a client’s story, identify the cause, recycle evidence and learn a range of new healing pathways.

Module 2: Energy

Work with the personal energy/meridian systems of the body in great detail. New and specific analysis, detailed scan lists and targeted deep healings on the body’s anatomy. Plus creative new healing pathways for the energy to flow powerfully through the body.

Module 4: Physics

Address any physical condition from toxicity to allergies, hormones, hydration, neurology, DNA, genetics and structural problems such as jaw and back problems and toxic environments. You learn new and powerful healing pathways that will greatly assist physical conditions.

Module 4: Emotions

Includes healings around loss, self-worth, sacrifice, sabotage, relationship cords and contracts, abuse, belief systems, shock, returning soul fragments, childhood trauma and forgiveness etc… You will release and heal very deep emotional issues on a whole new level.

Module 5: Spirit

Covers all spiritual aspects. This is where the real magic happens and you’re ready for the life-changing healings for yourself and your clients. We cover karma, negative energies, past-life issues, contracts, curses, aura damage, possessions, attachments, lost souls, kundalini activation, power source, tree of life activation, healing words of power, awakening of gifts and many others.

Module 6: Soul

The Soul module delves deep into the DNA to reverse and remove the intricate webbing and programming by the Cabal and other negative syndicates that have blocked and manipulated individual souls from living in a humane and free world.


Module 7: Awakening

The Awakening module addresses how humanity has been physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally damaged to create disconnection, dissociation and avoidance of truth and the next Universe, Gaia. The Deep State created a control mechanism to keep humanity in a deep sleep and unaware of the crimes and suffering they inflict on them. This Awakening module addresses all their nefarious methods and reverses them.

Start finding ‘clues’ in the body that relate to unwanted conditions and applying the specific healing pathways to release it from the body. It’s time for you to become the detective and use biofeedback methods to zero-in on information that confirms your client’s condition. Everything reveals itself in patterns and everything you create is already in your energy field. Combining the Forensic Healing framework with your own energy field gives the power to change outcomes, conditions and lives. Want to delve deeper into the secrets of Forensic Healing? Read more here

What you get when you attend Forensic Healing Live:

  • DEVELOP your Investigative and Intuitive skill-set.

  • LEARN the process behind reading energy fields and understanding yourself

  • ADDRESS physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

  • ONLINE CONTENT Get access to the online manuals and training videos with seven online training manuals (1000+ pages, including 120 healing pathways and 88 hours of video training) + NEW Awakening online videos, and online manuals. To purchase the entire PHYSICAL course package click here

  • Purchase includes complimentary physical copy of the Healing Pathways Guide (Modules 1-7)

  • GET ACCESS to online resources where you’ll find the latest materials, clinic template forms, reference charts and other resources for your therapy business or self-healing.

  • JOIN OUR ‘WOMEN only’ Community FB Group. This is the original, largest and most inspiring women-only healing community.

  • 7-DAY LIVE  ‘Women Only’ Training with Marisa. The ultimate transformational experience… This is where miracles happen. You’ll be in a very safe, women only, transformational environment.

  • Repeat the 7-Day Live workshop at a fraction of the cost and get an automatic Certification and the opportunity to become a Forensic Healing Practitioner

Once you complete the Forensic Healing 7-Day Live Training you have the option to obtain your Forensic Healing Certification. Live your dream of becoming an alternative therapy practitioner and get paid doing what you love.

This course gives you the groundwork you need to become a full-time Forensic Healing Practitioner. You’ll have all the tools and skills you need to begin healing others, environments, animals, children, men, and women, straight away. Learn More 

The Forensic Healing Certification Course holds professional membership accreditation by the CTAA, Complementary Therapies Accredited Association


All Zoom events are recorded for playback or review. Limited numbers

Marisa will conduct the 7 Days ZOOM training the same way she conducts the Live Events. Marisa will show you the power of energy via distance and how to tap into the energetic field. There will be breakout rooms where you will use these skills to practice the healing techniques with other students. This form of healing and learning is the way of the future.


FH 7-Day Live New Guest Special Upfront Price.  AUD$2,950


Already purchased FH Training Online?: 1 Payment Special Price $1050 AUD

Upgrade including Awakening Module: 1 Payment Special Price $1200


Already attended Live Training?: 1 Payment Special Price $450.00 AUD

Repeat including Awakening: 1 Payment Special Price $600

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