Forensic Healing Diploma Qualification Requirements

Forensic Healing Practitioner

Multiple Choice Quizzes

All students are required to complete:

One quiz per training module: 6 Module Quizzes/Tests are submitted online from you, covering the course content listed in your profile from

Case Studies Requirements

Online Students:

  • Submit a total of 58 hours of case studies. 8 hours per module (6 modules x 8 hours of case studies each) and 10 hours of using all the modules.
  • For each module (Principles, Energy, Physics, Emotions, Spirit and Soul) there needs to be a minimum of 4 different clients for the 8 hours of case studies.
  • Maximum of 5 hours of distant healing per module. Hours do not include self-healing.
  • Credits: If you have attended an Essentials Live or Online class, you can get a credit of 5 hours of case studies. Therefore submit only 53 hours of case studies.
    For example: Attend Forensic Healing Essentials for half price after starting your diploma training and get a 5-hour credit from your total case study hours requirement.
  • Online students must also submit a case study video, attend a Skype Interview or attend a workshop (see below under Send Case Studies).

Live Students:

  • Submit 20 hours of case studies with a minimum of 10 different clients.
  • Credits: If you have attended a Forensic Healing Essentials class, you can get a credit of 5 hours of case studies. Therefore you only need to submit 15 hours of case studies (minimum of 7 different clients). Live Students may claim up to 10 hours from the Essentials courses — a total of two Essentials workshops.
  • If you paid upfront for the Diploma training, then we mail the certificate immediately after reviewing your case studies. Diploma Certificates are sent once all course fees are up to date.
  • Repeat 7-Day Live Training for automatic Diploma status. Repeating the 7-Day Live training is a different experience to attending for the first time. Every workshop is different and allows you to develop your healing intuition, while going deeper into your soul healing. When you register as a Repeater for a FH Live event, you automatically receive the Diploma Qualification, and there is no Diploma Fee. To find an event near you go to our Events Page. Repeating the 7-day Live training is only a fraction of attending the first time.

All students please note:

  • Case study templates are available in training guides and online in the member’s area. There is a sample client analysis form included.
  • Payment for the Diploma certification processing fee of $199 is made before submitting your case studies, after payment of your course is complete. Order here
  • Please read and follow our advertising and policy guidelines.

Send Case Studies:

Once you have completed all six modules, email all case studies to [email protected] or via Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive etc. or mail to:
Forensic Healing
3/159 Burwood Rd
Suite 188,
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Each case study must include
1. Case Study Form
2. Client Feedback Form per client for the whole period.

Client Analysis Forms are not mandatory but help you get into the practice of using who, what, when, and why questions.

Video Healing or Skype Interview For Forensic Healing Diploma Online students only (Forensic Healing Diploma Live Students are exempt)
1. Submit a video OR
2. Attend a Skype healing and you will talk through the protocol with an FH Assistant (approx 45-60 mins) of a full healing session for competency assessment (contact us for the appointment) OR
3. Attend a workshop (Essentials/Live Training) to demonstrate your healing competency.

To submit a “Forensic Healing Video Session,” you can forward the video by Google Drive, Dropbox, record or upload to Facebook or YouTube and send us a link or mail a USB to our company address:

Forensic Healing
3/159 Burwood Rd
Suite 188,
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Directory Listing: Once you have completed all of the requirements for the Diploma and have received your certificate, feel free to add your practitioner listing here.

Steps to add your practitioner listing:

Login with your username and password
Go to the directory page
“Create Listing”
Add your content

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Complete your Diploma Certification: Diploma of Forensic Healing

Students can use Forensic Healing on friends, family and clients at their discretion, informing them they are not yet qualified, and the healing is for their case studies. There are options for students to obtain student insurance from IICT if they prefer. Another option is to advise their clients and volunteers they are not yet qualified; however, it is reasonable to ask for donations for their time (qualify $ amount).

Your Diploma certification with the Forensic Healing System allows you to obtain an insurance policy which covers damages and legal expenses arising from personal injury to a third party, or damage to their property, resulting from your business or occupation. As a Forensic Healer, you can access professional affiliation with the IICT as well as a discounted practitioner insurance policy. The application process is prompt. Visit IICT.

These options should satisfy most countries criteria as not to render liabilities to the therapist. However, each country is different, with variations in regulations. It is up to the therapist to seek professional advice. Please view the Forensic Healing Policy for further requirements of advertising Forensic Healing and Diploma status.

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