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Welcome to our specialised services in spiritual healing, spiritual development, and transformational courses. We are dedicated to providing advanced energy healing techniques and comprehensive education to empower individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Our expertise encompasses the effects of energy, enabling you to accelerate your success. Whether you seek to enhance your relationships, improve your health, strengthen your finances, advance your career, or reduce stress, our offerings are designed to cater to your needs.

Embark on your transformative energy healing journey with us. Choose from our esteemed selection of award-winning courses, tailored to revolutionise your life. Whether you prefer attending our captivating live events, engaging in our immersive online courses, or pursuing a fulfilling career as a Forensic Healing Practitioner or Instructor, the path you take is entirely yours to decide.

Experience the positive change and personal growth that await you by joining us today. Begin your transformational journey towards a brighter future.

"After years of searching, I was desperate to break free from the shackles of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse that had inflicted deep wounds and left me trapped in a suffocating depression. It seemed like an endless battle, until I stumbled upon the most natural methods of healing. Finally, I have discovered the key to healing and propelling my life and well-being forward. It's an indescribable feeling to experience a life filled with passion, vitality, and genuine joy. Surprisingly, the very struggles I faced have led me to uncover powerful solutions that have helped countless others in their own quest for healing and growth.” – Marisa Russo

Get answers to the following questions:

✅ Feeling inadequate, comparing yourself to others? 
✅ Giving and trying to please others with no appreciation? 
✅ Difficulty communicating needs, undervalued and lacking respect? 
✅ Spiritual and emotional blocks causing negative cycles? 
✅ Living in fear, not reaching true potential? 
✅ Struggling to find success in passion or purpose? Manifest success through energy and intention.
✅ Triggers hindering progress? Overcome triggers, propel towards success.
✅ Cultivating self-love and self-respect challenging? 

✅ Law of attraction believer? Shift energy and manifest desires.
✅ Seeking answers from the Universe? Deepen spiritual connection, and receive guidance.
✅ Past emotional scars affecting energy and well-being? Heal past trauma, and restore balance.
✅ Eliminate harmful energy from life? Learn powerful healing techniques, and improve well-being.
✅ Ready for a transformative journey? Join the Awakening and Ascension process, and contribute to consciousness.

Your energy healing and self-discovery journey covers:

I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs and looking for help trying to heal my childhood from horrible sexual abuse. I always felt lost and empty until I went to the Forensic Healing energy workshop. I will never forget how free it made me feel and thank you for helping me get my life back Marisa. Alana” Pediatric Nurse

Featured In

Marisa Russo, the visionary founder and esteemed CEO of Forensic Healing International. Renowned internationally as an award-winning teacher, author, speaker, and alternative therapist, Marisa’s remarkable journey has empowered countless individuals seeking healing and transformation. Her powerful book, “Freeing the Unloved Girl,” candidly recounts her personal triumph over sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and trauma.

More than three decades ago, Marisa embarked on a profound quest to liberate herself from excruciating physical pain. Little did she know that this courageous journey of self-healing would unlock a Pandora’s box, revealing the deep-seated wounds stemming from a harrowing and abusive childhood.

Throughout her transformational odyssey, Marisa unearthed a unique ability to perceive and interpret the energy fields of others with astonishing clarity, akin to reading words on a page. This profound connection between her mind, body, and soul enables her to experience physical reactions while healing and intuitively reading individuals.

Marisa’s extraordinary gift of reading energy fields has unveiled the intricate science behind understanding the workings of the universe and deciphering its profound messages. Through her insightful teachings, she illuminates the path towards profound self-awareness, healing, and alignment with the universe’s wisdom.

Marisa’s mission to heal and transform people’s lives has led to sharing the stage with some of the world’s foremost thought leaders, including Rev Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” and the late Wayne Dyer.

She has featured in mainstream media including The Herald-Sun, Warner Brothers, ABC, and OASIS TV. What’s more, Marisa was invited to present at the Facebook headquarters in Dublin and was interviewed by Channel 9 news for meeting Oprah in Uluru.

Online Courses

Learn Energy Healing, Law of Attraction, Spiritual and Self Development

Self Development Courses

Forensic Healing Foundation Course

Forensic Healing Certification: 7 Modules (Diploma) Course

Forensic Healing Online CTAA Certification Course (full course accreditation with CTAA)

Free Online Courses:

Learn Energy Healing for Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Problems

With Forensic Healing at LIVE Events and ONLINE Courses

Forensic Healing, recognises that everything begins with energy. By altering your energy, you have the ability to reshape your outcomes and manifest positive changes in your life. Not only does Forensic Healing assist in resolving your personal issues, but it equips you with invaluable tools to support your loved ones, children, animals, environments, businesses, and anyone in need.

Heal Your Past Experiences

Unearth the roots of your past experiences and heal their lingering effects. Your current state of well-being and happiness is intricately connected to your past lives, experiences, and stored memories within your cells, DNA, and energy fields. Similar to how your diet shapes your physical health, your life experiences shape your overall being.

Remove Energy Imbalances

Address energy imbalances and restore harmony to your life. Major stress, trauma, or abuse can disrupt your energy flow, leading to dysfunctions that manifest as pain, stress, anxiety, grief, fatigue, fear, low self-worth, relationship issues, financial struggles, and health problems. These signs indicate that you have neglected your needs and compromised your emotions and instincts.

Learn Holistic Wellness Courses to Transform Yourself of Pain and Suffering

Enroll in our holistic wellness courses to embark on a profound journey of self-transformation, liberating yourself from pain and suffering. Gain access to spiritual healing secrets from our renowned award-winning system, which combines advanced, contemporary, and ancient techniques. Experience a comprehensive energy detox and spring clean that revitalises every aspect of your being. Prepare to liberate yourself from the confines of the Matrix and embrace a life forever changed.

The build-up of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunctions. Your body responds to energy imbalances through pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems. The list could go on. These are signs you have ignored your physical needs and compromised your feelings and instincts.

Become a Forensic Healing Practitioner or Instructor

Love What You Do by Learning How to Assist Others. Learn at LIVE events and ONLINE courses!

FORENSIC HEALING OFFICIAL PAGE Welcome to the official page of Forensic Healing – the path to living a fulfilling life while monetising your passion!

Forensic Healing is a renowned and award-winning structured natural therapy system that seamlessly integrates science and intuition to facilitate profound transformations in both yourself and others.

By becoming a certified Forensic Healer, not only can you experience personal growth, but you also gain the potential to become an influential teacher within this field.

Discover the limitless possibilities that Forensic Healing offers and embark on a journey towards a rewarding career filled with purpose and abundance.

The system identifies a client’s past energy stresses, traumas, and energetic damage that is the source of their problems. Get energy healing certification online, or attend energy healing courses and workshops around the world. Globally accredited with IICT, an international institute for complementary therapists. Our courses offer an easy way to become qualified, online or attend live classes.

Opening the Case
You become a spiritual counsellor and healer using the Forensic Healing Protocol. It includes “opening the case” to ensure safety, protection, and access to organic source energy. “Profiling” finds negative patterns, belief systems, emotions and, the ages when stresses were embedded.

Identifying Clues
Finding “clues” reveals information about your client’s blocks. The appropriate healing method is chosen from the 110+ unique, energy healing pathways available. The pathway laser targets energy to assist your client’s issues.

Closing the Case
You “close the case” to ensure it’s safe to complete your healing session. This helps avoid a healing crisis. The results leave you feeling energised and fulfilled knowing your clients have experienced life-changing sessions. Each success catapults your healing practice as your clients return, and refer their friends and family.

Unlock a world of possibilities with Forensic Healing, where you can embark on a fulfilling career as a certified practitioner in soul healing, energy healing, spiritual healing, or natural and alternative therapies.

Choose between flexible online sessions or one-on-one consultations to cater to your client’s unique needs.

Moreover, seize the exciting opportunity to become a Forensic Healing Instructor or Trainer, empowering you to share your knowledge and help others become their own healers, benefiting not only themselves but also their loved ones.

Join us today and step into a future filled with purpose, growth, and the ability to positively impact lives.

Become a Certified Energy Healer Practitioner or Instructor through Forensic Healing CTAA Certification

Experience the transformative power of Forensic Healing as it nurtures and amplifies your intuitive abilities, fostering a profound connection to your inner self and the clients you serve.

By assisting others on their healing journeys, you undergo your own personal transformation, unlocking your full potential and restoring your spiritual and intuitive gifts. As these gifts flourish, you cultivate unwavering confidence in the spiritual guidance you receive, leading to enhanced outcomes and guidance for your clients.

Embrace the opportunity to advance as a skilled and certified intuitive healer, bolstering your self-assurance and expertise in the realm of healing.

Unleash your intuitive potential with Forensic Healing and embark on a rewarding path of personal growth and professional success. Read more here

Love yourself enough to grow, heal, and transform your life