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Heal yourself from the past and/or become a Certified Forensic Healer

Learning the Forensic System allows you to be a part of something bigger, something greater to help women, men, children, animals and the planet around the world.

Forensic Healing is one of the fastest-growing natural healing systems in the world. It is regarded as the deepest, simplest and most effective healing experience to release physical pain, past trauma, mental stress and life blocks holding you back in finances and relationships.

Becoming certified is an optional process beyond healing yourself with the Forensic Healing System. Some women experience Forensic Healing for personal development and self-healing or the option to pursue a career as an alternative therapist.

When you choose to become certified, you can obtain insurance in certain parts of the world. We help you establish your client base by listing your profile without cost on our Forensic Healing Directory for the public to find you.


The Forensic Healing CTAA Certification Accelerates Client Results and Referrals

You can become certified with Online study or attend one of our 7-day Live training events. Forensic Healing Online can be completed anywhere in the world in your own time.

All you need is a computer and a few willing volunteers for practice. There is a suggested 16-week schedule to keep you on track. Or if life is too busy you can work through the course at your own pace, it’s designed to fit into your schedule. You can upgrade to Live Training at any time.

Forensic Healing Live is where the magic happens! It is 7 full days of professional instruction, 1-on-1 healings, live demonstrations, and a lot of fun! Guaranteed to be life-changing. Forensic Healing is all new information and all new healing pathways that do not exist in any other modality, that’s why it’s changing so many lives.

For existing alternative health practitioners, Forensic Healing integrates with alternative therapy modalities you already use. This further enhances your healing skill set and gives you the confidence to get faster, longer-lasting results for your clients.

Forensic Healing can also be used for distant healings. This means you can connect with anyone in the world via phone, skype, or even without speaking with the person directly (also includes animals/environments).

The SEVEN Pillars of The Forensic Healing Framework

Module 1: Principles

Learn biofeedback methods to read the body’s energy field. Find information in the Forensic Healing System Protocol to profile, collect and analyse evidence about a condition, reconstruct a client’s story, identify the cause, recycle evidence and learn a range of new healing pathways.

Module 2: Energy

Work with the personal energy/meridian systems of the body in great detail. New and specific analysis, detailed scan lists and targeted deep healings on the body’s anatomy. Plus creative new healing pathways for the energy to flow powerfully through the body.

Module 3: Physics

Address any physical condition from toxicity to allergies, hormones, hydration, neurology, DNA, genetics and structural problems such as jaw and back problems and toxic environments. You learn new and powerful healing pathways that will greatly assist in releasing physical conditions.

Module 4: Emotions

Includes healings around loss, self-worth, sacrifice, sabotage, relationship cords and contracts, abuse, belief systems, shock, returning soul fragments, childhood trauma and forgiveness etc… You will assist your client to release and heal very deep emotional issues on a whole new level.

Module 5: Spirit

Covers all spiritual aspects. This is where the real magic happens and you’re ready for the life-changing healings for yourself and your clients. We cover karma, negative energies, past-life issues, contracts, curses, aura damage,     possessions, attachments, lost souls, kundalini activation, power source, tree of life activation, healing words of power, awakening of gifts and many others.

Module 6: Soul

The Soul module delves deep into the DNA to reverse and remove the intricate webbing and programming by the Cabal and other negative syndicates that have blocked and manipulated individual souls from living in a humane and free world.

Module 7: Awakening (Coming Soon)

The Awakening module addresses how humanity has been physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally damaged to create disconnection, dissociation and avoidance of truth. The Deep State created a control mechanism to keep humanity in a deep sleep and unaware of the crimes and suffering they inflict on them. This Awakening module addresses all their nefarious methods and reverses them.

Our World Class Training System

Each course module includes a full-colour online manual and video course. We designed the course content into a structured learning system to suit everyone’s learning preferences. Each course is an interactive experience where the manual is the central resource. It directs you to all the other related components of the course like, training videos and online resources. The manual includes detailed healing information, templates, and clinic forms.

Combine online video, theory and practical components to accelerate your learning


Before you move through a chapter and section of the manual, there are video segments to view that cover theory and practical explanations.

Marisa includes demonstrations of the subject matter to thoroughly understand the therapy system. Marisa adds full client sessions so you can see how to work through the system without interruption.

Online access includes the latest materials, manuals, videos, clinic template forms, reference charts and other resources for your therapy business.

The Most Effective and Affordable Healing Pathway

Marisa spent decades desperately seeking to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses that resulted from years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

“I tried many different therapies and studied more than 60 courses. $310,000 later I discovered my healing gift. Through clearing my own condition, my energetic connection had grown so strong that I could read a person’s body to accurately determine the cause of their condition and know how to bring relief.

After many requests from my clients to learn my methods, in 2011 I combined all of my alternative healing techniques into the Forensic Healing home-based and live training courses. Every cent was worthwhile because it led to me discovering my purpose and my healing gift. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to you, or anyone else.

I don’t want anyone to live with the long-term and chronic pain I endured… That’s why becoming a Forensic Healer costs a fraction of my own investment.”


The Soul module delves deep into the DNA to reverse and remove the intricate webbing and programming by the Cabal and other negative syndicates that have blocked and manipulated individual souls from living in a humane and free world.

This module contains extensive lists and options to find the “unseen” programs and implants to remove systems and methods of mind control, suffering, and suppression.

It corrects the dysfunction and splitting of soul fragments and identity loss by removing the insidious implants and controls on individual souls for their ascension process, restores the connection to the organic life source energy, closes the energy portholes and gateways of the siphoning of human life force energy and reverses the chemtrail/heavy metal damage.

The healing pathways bring an awareness of the intricate details of soul damage due to chronic abuse (particularly sexual and physical abuse), including the reversal of DNA alteration and interference.

The pathways energetically remove the unseen forces that keep souls in the false “matrix”. When the soul reversals and corrections are completed, it allows evolution for humanity and for individuals to use their own power to be a creator of their life to find freedom and happiness. Want to read more about the power of Forensic Healing? Click here

All purchases receive 1 x Modules 1-5 Healing Pathways Guide and Module 6 (Soul) Healing Pathways Guide. There is the option to purchase the entire physical materials, spiral-bound manuals, DVDs etc, at check out for $250 AUD.

The Forensic Healing Certification Course is internationally accredited and qualified with professional membership by the CTAA, Complementary Therapies Accredited AssociationForensic Healing Energy Healing Certified Practitioner Course

For Forensic Healing Certification Requirements, click here 

Disclaimer: Forensic Healing, Marisa Russo and Spiritual Development for women are not professional medical body. Any information contained in any videos/publications/comments/blog posts etc are for entertainment purposes only. All information is intended for general guidance and must not be considered a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Marisa Russo or Forensic Healing makes no warranties or representation of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on this channel, websites, videos, social media pages, blog posts etc.


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