What to expect in your Forensic Healing session with your practitioner

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Magic is you and within you!
7 Myamba Court, Carramar
Universal Magic
My Business Universal Magic is all about unveiling the Magic in your world, regardless of what experiences you have had in the past! I will gently strip away the vibrations and energy holding you back and allow you to see, feel and be the Magic that has always been within you!
Soul Module
Gilda Mercer
Comer Street, Como
Gilda Mercer
I was sceptical at first, even after listening to women raving about the results they were getting with Forensic Healing. It wasn’t until I experienced the instant results myself, over and over, that turned me to a believer!

My struggles with over-50’s health issues, weight that would never come off, behavioural and relationship issues, I’ve had them all.
We all hold within our bodies angst and trauma from the past – seemingly innocuous things that might have been said to us when we were children, negative experiences we’ve had, people who have disappointed us, struggles with money, physical and emotional pain. We hold onto these experiences in our body. It isn’t possible to release them by wishing them away, with talk-therapy, or with herbs or drugs. Forensic Healing uncovers the events in your life that have been blocking you from having the life you want.

In my 40s, after working as a Senior Consultant in Central Asia for many years in a high-stress work environment, I came back to Australia with a plethora of medical issues. Added to this was a history of very bad personal relationships. One of those broken relationships ended with my then partner telling me I had “anger issues”. This started my personal growth and healing journey. I did courses, many many courses in relationships, loving myself, counselling, personal development, coaching! I tried Reikki, Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, various other therapies (Gestalt, Art, Psychologists, Councillors), Naturopaths, GPs, Specialists, Integrative Medicine, various western and eastern healers and even “woo woo” spiritual healing. It was such a slow processes – over 15 years, and I still wasn’t happy, healthy, wealthy or loved.

I had years and years of angst and spent tens of thousands of dollars and experienced very little change! Then I discovered Forensic Healing.

Along the way, through one of the many courses I completed, I heard a mantra “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Loved”. It was something I wanted to achieve – to feel happy, to significantly improve my health, to become wealthier, and to be in a truly loving relationship with myself and others.
All the work I’ve done had improved my life, but Forensic Healing changed my life. I am so much healthier than I’ve ever been, I’m wealthier (although I’ve never had an issue with money), I’m experiencing happiness and joy that I never thought possible and a love that I never thought I deserved. And my relationship with myself changed. It’s a noticeable, real change.

While completing my Diploma of Forensic Healing (with Soul Module), I learnt to look into my past and to see where these “issues” were coming from, from which life events. It was pretty simple really – identify where the issue started and release it.

Since starting my Diploma of Forensic Healing I’ve helped people:
• Remove physical and emotional pain
• Relieve long-term anxiety
• Clear stress, beliefs, thoughts and feelings on a range of issues

I don’t believe in magic, fairies or angels. I’m a practical, business-like person who wants results. You’ll love the exceptional customer service and how you feel after a Forensic Healing session with me. Set in a quiet street in Como, you’ll also love the convenient location. Let me take care of you to achieve a beautiful life. Happiness, health, wealth and love CAN be yours.

Are you ready to change your life? Make an appointment today!
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Soul Module
Annette Shepherd
26 Hutchinson St, Lilydale, Victoria
Assist Personal Training
Hello! I've been working in the health and fitness industry since 2009 as a personal trainer. I run a private PT studio in Lilydale, Victoria with my husband and I take care of our clients nutrition and mindset to help them create a healthy lifestyle change. I was baptised as a Jehovah's Witness at 15 and have overcome depression, addictions, physical and emotional abuse, suicide of an ex boyfriend who suffered with bi-polar disorder, PTSD, Bulimia and have invested close to $100k to turn my life around. I'll never stop learning and working on myself and I love empowering those I work with to help them do the same!
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Soul Module
Tani King
Werribee; Werribee South; Mobile
Mystic Dragonfly
Soul Module