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A Forensic Healing practitioner will begin by “Opening the Case” and recite protection/guidance statements etc. Then, they will use biofeedback methods to read the client’s energy field to find the past information related to their current issues.Best Energy Healing Healer Practitioner Australia

A client’s unwanted conditions are created from past stressful/harmful/negative experiences. The practitioner will identify the past situation/experiences that correlate to their current issue/s. The practitioner will choose from over 110 Forensic Healing pathways and apply the most suitable to bring relief. 

When the negative energy is released, it restores balance and peace to their body. The healing pathways may range from healing statements, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), energy healing/shamanic techniques and Forensic Healing signature healing pathways and healing methods.

When the past stresses are identified and released from the body, a person’s body will naturally heal itself. This will also change a client’s energy to attract more peaceful and loving relationships (like attracts like/law of attraction). Finally, the practitioner will complete the healing by “Closing the Case”, which integrates the healing and blesses the client.


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