Remove Financial Blocks & Create Abundance 30-Day Challenge

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Start the New Year Free of Financial Blocks and Struggle
Create an Amazing Life!

Is this you?

eft tapping for money Do you desire to live abundantly and be financially free?

eft tapping for money Do you feel comfortable receiving money or other forms of abundance?

eft tapping for money Do you need an energetic cleanse to release your negative emotions, programming and suffering?

eft tapping for money Do you sabotage your intentions to be financially free?

eft tapping for money Do you want to change your financial relationship with money from fear, lack and struggle, to joy and ease that are unlimited and overflowing?

eft tapping for money Are you ready to remove your financial struggle and live with a new abundant mindset?

Join the group’s powerful, abundant energy for 30-days to keep you focused on creating abundance and freedom.

Marisa will be with you every day.
She will provide live stream videos, exercises, visuals, mantras, healings and insights, to create financial freedom in your life.

  1. Use methods and techniques to reverse poverty consciousness to creating an abundant mindset
  2. Get daily wealth creation posts to keep your financial goals moving forward
  3. Receive a weekly abundance plan to track your progress and raise your financial energy levels
  4. Join in on group healings, individual healings, activations, releases and abundance codings each day/week
  5. Participate in interactive exercises to instill an abundant, free life that has already happened

How to create and attract abundance

Day 1: Welcome to the 30-Day Abundance Challenge. Exercise 1: What Do You Want – The Sky’s The Limit

Day 2: Know Yourself to Change Yourself! Exercise 2: Complete Negative Beliefs Table

Day 3: Know Yourself to Change Yourself  Exercise 3: Create a new abundant childhood

Day 4: Your Financial Sabotages and Weaknesses Exercise 4: Find Your Sabotages and Reverse Them

Day 5: Your Financial Sabotages and Weaknesses Exercise 5: Role Playing

Day 6: Sacrificers and Over-Givers Exercise 6: List Thoughts/Behaviours on Over-giving or Money Worship

Day 7: Overcoming Money Fears Exercise 7: Shift, Rise, Elevate, Transform Your Money Fears

Day 8: Victim to Empowered Exercise 8: Do You Have a Victim Mentality?

Day 9: The Myth about Spirituality and Money Exercise 9: What are Your Beliefs about Money?

Day 10: The Myth about Spirituality and Money Exercise 10: Mindsets of rich people verses the poor and middle class:

Day 11: Create New Beliefs and Associations with Money Exercise 11: Write a money letter

Day 12: Spend time in a wealthy person’s mind Exercise 12: Play Affirmation Video

Day 13: Karma Exercise 13: Clear and Build Good Karma

Day 14: Gratitude Exercise 14: Gratitude Moments

Day 15: Clean Out the Old Energy Exercise 15: Spring clean

Day 16: Making Decisions Exercise 16: Assessing your decision making

Day 17: Decision Making Day Exercise 17 Decision Making from Empowered Emotions

Day 18: When the Sh*t hits the Fan Exercise 18: Analysing Your Messages

Day 19: Love Change Exercise 19: Create Daily Changes

Day 20: Connection, intuition and guidance Exercise 20: Tap into your feelings

Day 21: Take a Breather Exercise 21: Relaxation Time

Day 22: Remove Financial Curses Exercise 22: Remove Financial Curses Healing

Day 23: Spend a day as a Multi-Millionaire Exercise 23: Live a Day in the Shoes of A Millionaire

Day 24: Morning Rituals Exercise 24: Define Your Morning Ritual

Day 25: Storytelling and Focus Exercise 25: Zero Negativity

Day 26: Creation Day – Increase Your Income Exercise 26: Find New Opportunities

Day 27: Creation Day – Putting Ideas into Action Exercise: 27 Put your best idea into action

Day 28 Read and Learn Exercise 28: Choose a book to Educate and Inspire

Day 29: Imagination and Visualisation

Day 30: Summary of your progression

Exercise 30: Where to from here?


The entire 30 days have been recorded in the FB group so you can view other’s responses and feedback as you complete the 30-Day Challenge. You can repeat the 30-Day Abundance Challenge as many times as you like!


Marisa’s very recent and intense plant medicine experience removed suffering from herself and her ancestors. She was also challenged, but she overcame the programming and coding that put her on the matrix. She feels it has shifted her energy and DNA to a brand new state of being.

The study of consistency

The 21-day rule originates in the 1960’s pop psychology book Psycho-Cybernetics. The book states that it takes a minimum of 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and for a new one to be created.

There is a more recent study of 96 people published in The European Journal of Social Psychology.  These findings reveal that it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. In the study, the actual number of days ranged from 18 to 254 days. So it can take a very short, or a very long time. The moral of the story is that your changes need to be done consistently to get maximum, lasting results.

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