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Forensic Healing Online Soul and Awakening Modules 1-Payment Option

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This product is an add-on for Forensic Healing Diploma Students who only have modules 1-5 (Principles, Energy, Physics, Emotions and Spirit).

This product gives you the Soul and Awakening Modules (6 & 7)

Welcome to the Forensic Healing Module 7, the Awakening Module

This course is an add-on course for all Forensic Healing Diploma Students. Following are the Awakening pathways and Soul Pathways can be found on this page

Pathway 1: Aurora Crown Connection Healing 

The Aurora Crown Connection Healing Pathway connects to the organic Planetary Logos, which functions as the planetary brain, serves as the collective mind, that transmits to the individual mind. It relays message impulses to the Earth. The instruction set for the Planetary Logos comes from the 7D Violet Ray that contains the future Earth timeline called Gaia.

The crown chakra connects to the Aurora, which is Rays, light and consciousness units of the next Universe, enlightened beings and Unity Intelligence. This pathway removes the blocks, crucifixion and crown of thorn implants to connect to the new 5D/7D timeline via the Aurora Crown. Includes crucifixion implant ritual reversal.

Pathway 2: Awaken from the Dream Spell, Cognitive Dissonance and Denial Healing

Awaken from the Dream Spell and Denial Healing Pathway removes the unconscious and conscious AI mind control, symbols, spells, black magic, neuro-linguistic programming, ego-mind and personality splitting perpetrated through systems, media, symbols, organisations and rituals.

Restoration of freethinking, purification of mind, body and soul to awaken from the dream spell that has been placed over humanity to control behaviours, thoughts, beliefs and actions. Includes mind control program wipe and cleanse. 

Pathway 3: Black Goo, Dark Matter, and Graphene Oxide Transmutation

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide and Dark Matter Removal Pathway removes artificial realities, timelines, conscious mind control, physical control, syphoning of energy and damage created by Black Goo. It cancels its power to replicate, overtake the body, human genome, and hijack consciousness by connecting to EMFs, 5G, entities and AI.

Black Goo, Dark Matter, Graphene Oxide Transmutation Pathway accesses the Aurora light, the consciousness units and the Rays of the next Universe to transmute its energetic imprints and control. Removes the Dark Forces access of carbon elements to control matter forms, including control over the genetic expression of the human body.

Removes false timelines and artificial realities, replication abilities that overtake consciousness through the removal of the God code. Includes Black Goo transmutation extraction.

Pathway 4: Covid 19 Vaccination, Mark of the Beast, Shedding and PCR Reversal 

The Covid 19, Mark of the Beast Vaccines, shedding and PCR Reversal Pathway is aimed to reverse the side effects caused by 5G activation and the nefarious vaccine ingredients such as enzyme Luciferase, nanoparticles, DNA, RNA mutilation, spike proteins, God code removal, graphene oxide, Sterile Ethylene Oxide and carcinogen etc.  Realigns the DNA/RNA to its original blueprint for the reversal of inflammatory disorders and auto-immune diseases.

Pathway 5: MK Ultra Splitting and Programming Reversal Healing 

MK Ultra Splitting reversal pathway addresses the systematic abuse and programming developed by the CIA to control and manipulate people en masse. It includes identification and reversal of splitting, compartmentalisation, created alters, cognitive dissonance, PTSD, and fight or flight states.

The pathway balances the brain functions involved in the MK Ultra programming/PTSD, such as the amygdala, prefrontal cortex, mid anterior cingulate cortex, hippocampus, right Inferior frontal cortex gamma-aminobutyric acid, and the sympathetic nervous system. Includes PTSD/Fear/Trauma Release.

Pathway 6: Crystal Rose Heart Opening & Diamond Sun Body Activation Healing Pathway

The crystal rose heart-opening and diamond sun body activation upgrades the DNA, merges the chakras, activates the Paliadorian Activation in the Tribal Shield, Trinity Consciousness, Cosmic Christos Unity Consciousness to transcend to the next Universe.

This pathway upgrades the consciousness connection to the pure Source energy to activate the Ascension process, spiritual gifts, 5D and beyond consciousness for the full embodiment of Soular Consciousness and Oversoul embodiment activation. Includes Crystal Rose Heart Restoration and Opening.

Pathway 7: Reclaiming Manipulated, Stolen DNA, and Genetic Data Healing Pathway

The Reclaiming Manipulated, Stolen DNA, and Genetic Data pathway aligns and reverses the damaged and unplugged, digressed DNA caused by the invasion of negative alien race interference and interbreeding.

The pathway Advances the 12 DNA strand matrix, original instruction set, to counteract the checkerboard mutation. Addresses the DNA anomalies created by Anunnaki races i.e. Rh-Negative Manipulation, and stolen/manipulated DNA stored by sinister organisations and systems. Includes DNA Retrieval and Restoration to Divine Blueprint

Pathway 8: Freemasonry and Knights Templar Blackmagic Reversal Healing Pathway

The Freemasonry and Knights Templar Blackmagic Reversal Healing Pathway reverses the nefarious dark symbols, spells, incantations, blood sacrifice rituals, 666 numerology, Monarch Butterfly infiltrated in almost every medium and system of society.

Removes the Phantom Matrix fallen earth replica, Black Magic, Masonic Witchcraft, Triangle Powers, All-Seeing Eye creation by the Luciferian that removes sovereignty and lowers consciousness. Returns the Ruby Sun DNA, opens the Golden Gate to eternal life, and transmits the Silver-Gold frequencies.  Includes Blackmagic and Symbol Reversal Mudra pathway.

Pathway 9: Acoustic Devices and Ultra Sonic and Energy Weapons Reversal 

The Acoustic Devices, Ultra Sonic and Energy Weapons (LRAD) reversal pathway addresses the adverse effects of harmful ultra-high frequency sonic energy and microwave weapons (120 decibels) used by governments to harm and repel non-conforming innocent citizens.

Side effects include auditory shifts, vibrotactile sensitivity change, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function change, central nervous system effects, vestibular (inner ear) effects, and chest wall/lung tissue effects were among the extra-aural (non-hearing) bioeffects on various internal organs and the central nervous system. Includes Energy and Sonic Weapons reversal.

Pathway 10: Autism Spectrum Damage and Bio-neurological Diseases Healing Reversal

Reversing Autism Spectrum Damage and Bio-neurological Diseases Healing Pathway reverses damage from various sources such as vaccine ingredients, medications, heavy metals, substances that damage the central nervous systems and immune system resulting in Autism Spectrum Damage, Bio-neurological Diseases and Neuroplasticity function. Includes Autism Spectrum Damage and Bio-neurological Diseases Reversal

 Pathway 11: Restoration of Unplugged DNA, Soul Parts and Universal Organic Spiritual Connection Healing

The Restoration of Unplugged DNA, Soul Parts and Universal Organic Spiritual Connection restores the nine soul features and soul facets, removes the checkerboard DNA mutation that block spiritual language and connection to other frequencies and beings, and removes Egypt’s Luciferian rebellion stargate takeover effects.

Activates the Kundalini and DNA to its full potential and spiritual connections, restores pre-birth, galactic soul memories by removal of Glandular System Implants and unscrambles DNA fire letters. Includes Unplugged DNA and Soul Parts Restoration

Pathway 12: Download Your Desires and Dreams in the Organic Matrix

Download Your Desires and Dreams to the Organic Matrix is a process that creates a direct connection and opens to the pure, organic matrix to present specific desires and dreams for fast manifestation.

The process invokes enlightened beings and new energies assisting the evolution of the 5D world and beyond. It creates a download of the requested manifestations to shift timelines and paradigms. Includes a block check list and preparation statements to ensure Dreams/Desires, Beliefs and Feelings/Emotions are congruent with desired outcome. 7.13 Matrix Extraction, Reclaim Sovereignty and Empowerment Pathway

Pathway 13: Phantom Matrix Extraction, De-Activation of Super Soldiers and Lotus of Life Activation 

The Phantom Matrix Extraction, Deactivation of Super Soldiers and Lotus of Life Activation removes the replica of the fallen earth timelines used to blend with the organic earth body. It removes the body from the black hole system, deactivates super soldier threats, restores the Silicate Matrix and organic creator codes. It includes Lotus of Life Activation.

Pathway 14: Identify Causes for Problems, Blocks, and Negativity List Release

Identify Causes for Problems, Blocks, and Negativity List Release Pathway covers 25 reasons for attracting negativity/blocks in a person’s life. It gives deeper insights into the Universal Laws of why a person creates their issues. This reveals many reasons, causes and lessons to learn when life produces problems to show their purpose and a deep level.

Pathway 15: Open Contact with Higher Spiritual Sources and Guardians Request Pathway

Open Contact with Higher Spiritual Sources and Guardians Pathway Request Pathway opens communication channels with the Guardian hosts and the Emerald Order to fulfil predestined agreements to assist with humanity’s Ascension and Awakening process. Removes density locks on the DNA to advance planetary liberation.

Pathway 16: Unity and Blessing for the Galactic Families and Zero Point Trinity Wave Field

Unity and Blessings for the Galactic Families of Humanity and Zero Point Trinity Wave Field Pathway restores the connection to the Galactic Families, removes bi-wave field and merges the Trinity Wave field into one, zero point field to cancel polarity by creating balance, unity and a neutral field.  Includes Unity Vow Prayer/Request

Pathway 17: Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation and Universal Time Matrix Synchronisation

Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation and Universal Time Matrix Synchronisation Pathway returns the planetary consciousness access to the 1st God World Creation. The interdimensional portals corrects the Universal Time Matrix of the Cosmic Clock to awaken the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes and angelic human DNA.  Includes Universal Time Matrix Progression and Synchronisation

Pathway 18:  The Canvas: Accountability, Self-Awareness and Self-Growth

Pathway 19 Restoration of the Female Christos Lineages and Christos-Sophianic Template

Restoration of the Female Christos Lineages and Christos-Sophianic Template Pathways assist with the Krystal Guardian Host’s Christos Mission to reclaim Solar Feminine Christ through the Christos-Sophianic template. Includes retrieving Solar Feminine Melchizedek aspects from the black hole system. Repairs Mother’s code language through the reassembly of planetary Cathar architecture, instruction set corrections to embody the Sophianic template, and mass spiritual healing of the true female principle on Earth. Includes Activation of Golden Child of Christ.

Pathway 20 Inner Tree of Life, Kryst Code Activation and Realities

The Tree of Life, Kryst Code Activation and Realities Pathway removes the distorted, false Tree of Life. It realigns to the human Kathara tree of life template that regulates DNA coding and holds the realities of your experience. This process stops human decay as it moves from the host matrix to the original soul matrix. It includes removal of the Anti-HG Technology,a gender splitter weapon from the Light body from targeted individuals who support planetary liberation for Ascension. Includes: Activation of the three levels of Kathara Grid


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