Forensic Healing Essentials Instructor Training

AUD $3,000.00


Forensic Healing Instructor Opportunitiescertified energy healing trainer

Forensic Healing International is seeking instructors to teach the Forensic Healing Essentials Workshop from February 2019.

This is an exciting opportunity to teach the Forensic Healing Essentials Course anywhere in the world, and get paid to do what you love!

Requirements to apply:

  • You have attended 5 x Forensic Healing 7 Day LIVE (no cost) OR
  • You have attended 4 x Forensic Healing 7 Day LIVE and 1 x Get the Universe Working for You (no cost) OR
  • You receive a personal invite from Marisa (no cost) OR
  • You have attended 1 x Forensic Healing 7 Day LIVE and pay $3,000 (contact us first)



You demonstrate an ability to connect and support others. The Forensic Healing group is the best way to start. You can offer support in the Forensic Healing Facebook Group and assist others, answering questions, respond to posts, etc. The more you create connections, the greater the students you influence to attend your classes.

Attention to detail shows your awareness levels which is an important part of being a Forensic Healer. Be familiar with the Forensic Healing Policy.

To Become Qualified

Simply apply to us via email stating the reasons you feel you meet the requirements stipulated. We will respond within 7 days to your application.

Healing your problems with ReikiOnce Approved as a Forensic Healing Instructor

We will provide you with the Forensic Healing Online Instructor Training course. For each Essentials student you teach, you will receive 50% of the ticket price i.e. if you have 10 students @$50 you earn $500.

Following your Essentials Workshop, we will send an offer via email to the students who attended. You will have your own commissions link, and will receive 10% commission on each sale for any of these students who sign up to the Live or Online Training course.

Once you find a venue to teach and provide dates and times to us, we will advertise your classes on the Forensic Healing Events page and Facebook Group. You can also do your own advertising and distribute posters in your local neighbourhood i.e. yoga studios, community centres etc


To maintain your Forensic Healing Instructor position, you need to be consistent, teach a minimum of 1 class per year and be proactive in the FH FB Group.

High standards are reflected in the consistent, proven results from healings and students wanting to attend Forensic Healing training. This gives you the opportunity as an instructor, to grow with us, become financially independent and do what you love.

Forensic Healing Instructors represent Marisa and the Forensic Healing brand. Your energy and thoughts influence the company. Forensic Healing has attracted some amazing women and their awesomeness keeps us all growing on a global scale.

The image and energy of Forensic Healing is young, fresh, light, empowering, open, bright, connected, professional, intellectual, deep and new which is a reflection of what the world needs to progress.

To ensure we are growing together, it is important to keep the guidelines consistent, clear, positive, professional, open and flowing for you as the instructor, practitioner, client or anyone who associates with Forensic Healing.


Recognise that teaching Forensic Healing is a great opportunity. Honour the position with support, feeling energetically aligned with Forensic Healing and Marisa and maintaining the “Good Apple Policy”.


Forensic Healing will continue to change as it becomes more global. Trust the changes and be supportive. Understand that blocks/obstacles in life come from within, not outside of yourself. If a Forensic Healer is struggling in their personal/professional life, seek help and work on yourself (which is what you require your clients to do). Walk your talk, be congruent and take care of yourself.

Maintain professional Facebook pages with professional or high-quality clear head shots as potential students will see your FB page and be influenced by your profile. The alternative healing profession needs to be taken seriously, therefore we need to demonstrate that we take our profession seriously; so we receive respect and acknowledgment for our work.


Technology is and will continue to play an important role in the expansion of Forensic Healing. It is essential you are familiar with technology and use Skype, Paypal, Facebook etc. that are a part of our Instructor Program. You will need to print the Essentials protocol for each student (approx 7 pages).

Be tech savvy; use Google to find answers to technical questions when using unfamiliar software. Use the dedicated Facebook Forensic Healing Instructor group for questions about the program, teaching, communication etc.

Ongoing Commitments

Attend a 1-on-1 annual review video call with Marisa to ensure the requirements/feedback as a Forensic Healing Instructor, and to confirm your instructor status for the following 12 months.

The review needs to be conducted within 30 days prior to the end of your 12-month teaching, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. Forensic Healing reserves the right to remove the Forensic Healing Instructor at any time if the Instructor Guidelines are not satisfactorily met.

Forensic Healing is open to the idea of training 7 Day Live Instructors: Here is the criteria



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