Have you always wanted to help others but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you have a knack for empathising with people and feel what their feeling but aren’t sure how to turn your innate intuitive gifts into a career? At Forensic Healing, we offer a host of practitioner energy healing workshops to guide you to become a healing practitioner.

We offer an affordable payment plan and easy to follow modules so you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Each module requires the student to complete case studies giving the option to earn an income and pay off your course.

Learn to heal others by healing yourself first

Our courses help you identify and eliminate the unhealthy patterns of stagnant finances, bad relationships, poor health etc.  As you move through the course materials, you will remove your own energy blocks as you study to become an energy healer.

Just think, you’ll be learning to help others while you essentially help yourself. Our online and Live event courses will allow you to learn energy healing as you discover ways to remove your own negative energy blocks and patterns.

Study Energy Healing and Discover a Career as a Forensic Energy Healer

As an energy healing practitioner, you can use the methods to heal people in person and via distance healing. You can use Forensic Healing efficiently on children, babies, and adults (females as well as males). However, we gear our energy healing workshops for females only.

We do this to create a safe space for women from all backgrounds to heal from past traumas and experiences. A significant percentage of our clients are seeking to achieve freedom from past abuse and wounds. Our goal is to create an environment to support, offer refuge, and sisterhood.

This special female-only atmosphere enables women to feel nourished and able to rely on their intuition for the first time. Discover and release your patterns of physical and emotional abuse. Then remove the blockages and negative energy that creates unhealthy lifecycles.

The founder of Forensic Healing, Marisa Russo, is a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse herself. Through her own trials and tribulations, she learned firsthand that the incredible power of the natural laws of the universe. These methods to heal are advanced when a group of like-minded women comes together.

Heal Yourself, and Learn to Heal Others with Energy Healing Classes Online

This is a great time to complete online healing classes as you can do it in your own time, in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait until you feel better yourself to hone your natural intuitive gifts and become an energy healer. As you study, you will discover the root of your blockages and remove them. This gives you the tools to help others do the same. Don’t spend another minute waiting to feel better; get started with energy healing classes online today!

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