It’s been said that our thoughts create our reality so why doesn’t everyone have continuously happy thoughts? While some people are naturally optimistic, others have an outlook impacted by their childhood and past experiences. For people who have suffered through traumatic abuse and unsettling events, the notion of having a consistently positive outlook isn’t so simple.

Learn an award-winning system from founder Marisa Russo

The founder of Forensic Healing, Marisa Russo, knows first-hand the consequences of unresolved pain and anxiety. What began as a method to deal with her own debilitating symptoms because of the trauma she suffered as a child, manifested into an award-winning series of energy healing modalities. These are unique, one-of-a-kind energy healing programmes. Specifically created to assist women dealing with past trauma and striving to find balance in their lives.

When trauma is left untreated, the negative energy experienced leaves physical and emotional wounds that can attach to the body. These attachments manifest into a life that is fear-based, riddled with physical and emotional blockages. Our live and online spiritual therapy techniques work to relieve and remove the stifling obstacles created by negative energy from traumatic events.

Study Spiritual Healing Therapy Online in Australia

The forensic healing courses are designed to clear negative mindsets. It resolves low self-esteem, relationship troubles, and financial issues. We offer in-person live events to include a 7-day intensive retreat, personalised transformation programme, online books, and courses to suit every spiritual goal.

Increase Positive Energy with Spiritual Therapy Training

You can do many things to increase positive energy in your life. These include nourishing the body with quality foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and regular physical activities. You can release a victim mentality by focusing on the positive and taking steps to surround yourself with positive, trusted people.

Using your intuition is one of the best ways to ward off negative energy. You can also utilise the resources available to you such as spiritual therapy to enhance this.

We offer a step by step system to help you find your authentic self. As you embark on the journey towards spiritual development, you can count on us to support you. You receive the tools you need to rid yourself of negative thinking and old conditioning.

Spiritual training for women

The spiritual therapy training module teaches women how to help others. Although it’s possible to use these techniques on men, woman, and children, our Live event courses are for females only. We creae a safe forum for women to share, trust, and release the deep-seated negative emotions.

These easy to follow healing techniques will clarify your own blockages. As you examine your own obstacles to spiritual freedom, you will become qualified to help others find peace. Advancing your spiritual wisdom and strength gives you the skills and confidence to guide other women. You help them through the process of shedding the unwanted negative energy from their past.

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