Do you suffer in silence and aren’t certain why? If you are one of the many females in the country weighed down by the deep unhealed wounds of past suppression, it’s time to rise up and heal. At Forensic Healing, our mission is to offer spiritual healing classes to assist women to move past their discomfort. You can recover the gifts that encapsulate your true nature, which in turn will help the planet heal.

After years of personal suffering, the founder, Marisa Russo, discovered that her life’s mission is to assist the planet by offering empowering, spiritual healing courses to women globally. Marisa is an international and award-winning speaker, alternative therapist, author, and teacher. She believes that our planet, mother earth will heal when women discover their true healing powers.

Feeling stuck stops your progression

When you feel stuck and unable to progress in your life, you may not be able to handle life’s daily challenges. This includes maintaining healthy boundaries and relationships, organising finances, and enjoying a feeling of quality overall health. It’s our goal to help you reduce symptoms. You can overcome repeated negative thoughts, a sense of being stuck, chronic fatigue, anger, low self-esteem, guilt, pain, illness, and unresolved feelings of negativity.

Recalibrate your Life with Spiritual Healing Courses Online

If you’ve been the victim of negative conditioning, you may suffer from a series of symptom that impedes your ability to succeed in your personal and professional life. A female who feels stuck in her life would benefit from our 25-module program entitled “Freeing the Unloved Girl”.

This amazing course offers women of all ages the chance to advance their health, career, finances, and relationships. You can complete a series of online steps that inspire and help you achieve a feeling of calm that can only come from removing the past layers of negative energy.

The course will show you how to break free from the past traumas, judgments, and suppression from your childhood. Our easy to follow step-by-step course will help to heal the negative energy that weighs you down. You can feel empowered with higher self-esteem through learning the healing steps in our online classes to get you where you need to be.

Become a Forensic Healing Practitioner with Spiritual Healing Classes Online

We believe that healing women will help heal our broken planet. That’s why we offer a cost-free practitioner start-up guide to inform you how you can learn to heal through science and intuition. We show you to how to discover the true cause behind any condition. You discover how to remove negative life patterns and target the healing. We gear our programmes for the individual who sees the value in the practice of distance and one-on-one healing.

When you’re ready to fully utilise the unique gifts that you’ve been blessed with, get in touch with us to start working as a forensic healer. Imagine being able to provide remarkable healing results that remove negative energy, unnecessary suffering and transform lives.

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