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Freeing the Unloved Girl is a fresh take on overcoming the negative conditioning (and abuse) that all women experience at some point in their life.

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“As parts of my childhood memories returned, I tried to make sense of it all. There were many pieces of the puzzle that started to come together as I retraced my steps. It started to make sense why I experienced high levels of anxiety, panic attacks, felt unsafe, and wanted to lock my bedroom door at night.”

Abused as a child, Marisa Russo feared commitment and fell into a lifestyle of poor choices and negativity. Finally able to reclaim her true identity in her forties, she made it her life’s work to help others in the same predicament. Having founded Forensic Healing, Marisa’s investigative style first attracted praise in her book, Women Breaking Free. In this new offering, Freeing The Unloved Girl, Marisa helps readers discover and heal past hurts using a combination of examples and exercises, alongside words of encouragement and validation.

What You Will Learn?

A 25-step liberating program of self-discovery and empowerment to;

  • Remove the effects of emotional and physical abuse along with subtle and obvious conditioning from the stereotypes of being a woman.
  • Reconnect to your ability as a woman to feel and know answers, solutions, and guidance that direct you to safety, truth and empowerment.
  • Release guilt, negative associations and crippling preconceptions.
  • Express yourself fully and feel free to be you, using conversation and expression analysis.
  • Rate your relationships using the Positive Energy Index to enhance your personal power network.
  • Live a proven, daily system to create a richer, more rewarding, and happier life.

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2 reviews for Freeing the Unloved Girl Ebook and Paperback

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    Belinda Hall (verified owner)

    Reading and using the tools offered in this incredibly raw and insightful book written by Marissa; an incredibly strong and powerful survivor of abuse, enabled me to go deeper in my own healing journey. I was able to relate so well to my own personal childhood experiences of emotional and psychological abuse and being raised by a very controlling, manipulative father who abused my mum to see how those similar patterns played out in my life also.
    This is such a fantastic read and so truly inspiring to read about Marisa’s own painful experiences in how she utilised them to rise up, heal her own inner and outer physical pain and then help to transform so many other women’s lives and also through her powerful work. I would highly recommend this book, especially if you are starting on the road to recovery but need further guidance and support in how to deal with past trauma from abuse of any kind, clear old patterns that keep drawing in similar negative experiences as she teaches you higher vibrational ways to live and breathe in her suggested practices that will bring you a much more deserving and freer life. I am so grateful for women like Marissa.

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    Julie Rajkumar

    I have this Book since 2016 .
    Reading it gave a better understanding of the struggle, hurt ,pain that was endured by a little girl( Marisa) and how she turned her pain and experiences into the exploration of her healing journey.
    She is an amazing teacher, pure conduit and I am grateful for her in teaching me Forensic Healing Course.
    ❤️🙏Thank you Beautiful Soul.
    Love and Success on Amazon.

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