Are you at a point where you’d like to change careers or just do something different? Perhaps you’d like to do something you feel that aligns more closely with who you are. Consider whether energy healing or alternative therapy might be right for you. The truth is that many people are already healers and don’t know it. Often, these people end up in healing fields such as psychology or medicine.

In these roles, they embrace their position of healing and excel in their careers. However, some people end up in professions where they don’t feel they belong and wonder how they got there. Both types of people, however, often crave a higher consciousness, some connection with the universe that gives them the peace of mind of being true to themselves.

5 Attributes and signs of a healer:

1. You have a Painful History that Prepared You for a Leadership Role

When you experience painful, traumatic, or abusive situations, you gain wisdom. Many healers are people who have experienced childhood trauma, or sexual violence. It can also include an accident that . resulted in severe injury or some other situation that changed you at a fundamental level. These experiences shape you into empathic, sensitive and powerful healers.

2. You are an Introvert

Healers tend to be multi-dimensional beings who live between the seen and unseen worlds. If you’re a spiritual healer, you may find that you often withdraw into yourself. You also prefer to spend time inside the realms of consciousness where you feel the most comfortable.

3. You Feel Most Peaceful in Nature

If you feel most at home when the natural world surrounds you, this is a sign that you are a sensitive, spiritual being and that healing might be the right profession for you. Spiritual healers often serve as translators between people, oceans, mountains, and animals.

4. You’re Extremely Sensitive

Healers may feel, sense, hear and see things others don’t. This ability can make it difficult to be out in public sometimes, where you may become easily overstimulated. Other people may deem you “too” sensitive, but this sensitivity is part of your gift.

5. You Feel Compelled to Ease Suffering

Natural healers often feel a calling to ease the suffering they encounter with people, animals, or nature. It’s not uncommon for activists, nature conservationists, veterinarians, or anyone who feels called to assist in returning humanity to the planet to find their true calling as a healer.

Where to Find Spiritual Healing Courses in Melbourne, Australia

These are just a few signs that you have a calling to a higher path. This is a path to obtain healing, peace, and positive energy. However, you may have none of the signs listed above but still, know that healing is right for you. Whether you are looking to start a new career or just add to your skillset so you can help others, the energy healing courses in Melbourne at Forensic Healing can get you closer to your goals.

Our live and online healing courses in Melbourne are also available worldwide. We provide a safe space for women to heal and learn to help other women do the same. Please contact Forensic Healing today to take an important step in becoming your true self.

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