Forensic Healing Client Feedback

Forensic Healing Client Feedback

I am in such a deep gratitude for the incredible week we had in Sydney I finished my 3rd healing session this evening (case study) and it was the most profound session I have done so far.

My Client was so deeply moved, totally speechless and so amazed how I was able to pull everything together (pure conduit). I felt I was guided through the whole process, trusting it totally, and I am so grateful for being capable to hold this space for her, when we discovered the darkest stuff she had to face.

I learnt a lot about myself too during this process. I can’t wait to watch how her life will unfold and how she will be moving through life, feeling so free from all that was holding her back.

Thank you my beautiful Universe for guiding me in this healing session and freeing my Client from the trauma she was carrying for so long (without even realizing it).

Thank you Marisa and FH πŸ™‚πŸ™

Adi Shakti

Hey, FH tribe. In the last three days I have received amazing feedback from three different clients. They are experiencing freedom they have never had before, stepping into empowering behaviors and feeling deeply changed.

My beautiful mother is one such client and at 76 she is deeply processing wounded child issues from a traumatic past. She is my hero!..what a woman to be facing this stuff at 76 years old!! And she is breaking through blocks she has held for all her life.

What an amazing process this is! I feel so privileged to be a conduit for such healing. I have always been a conduit and have known this in all my years of healing in different modalities, but this is like next level! AND I’ve only completed module 1 and 2! I cannot wait to be playing with the complete system!

Much love to all ❀️πŸ”₯❀️


Christine Steentjes

Forensic Healing Client Feedback

Love the power of this work.Β  πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒŸπŸ’›βœ¨ Did a session with a client a week ago and moved a lot of emotional stuff. Didn’t even discuss any physical ailments she had.

She contacted me just now to share that the PMS she has suffered her whole life has magically disappeared since our session! She is over the moon, apparently it was a horrendous part of her life.

I love how everything is energy and everything is connected- we heal one area and a whole lot of other stuff gets healed as a happy bi-product. Feeling so grateful to have this modality and so honoured to be able to share it with others.

Thank you amazing Marisa Russo πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽŠπŸ¦‹πŸŒπŸ’›πŸ˜˜

Michelle Keil

I would love to share these comments from a client of mine who I did healing on while I was on holiday in Denmark.Β 

Thank You Marisa Russo for sharing your knowledge with us.


β€œI discovered Forensic Healing with Lalini and was blown away by the shift I felt deep down, for a specific matter I had been working on for years. The session was a month ago, and I still feel the powerful healing every time I do my daily affirmations.”


Lalini de Silva

Forensic Healing Client Feedback

I am still buzzing from a client’s healing today. In just a 30 minute healing the client, that had 10/10 anger towards her mom from years and years of physical, mental and emotional abuse, went down to 0/10. She said she had never thought that was possible. She actually felt totally indifferent about her 😁

Kathy Sanderson

Two of my clients, a couple in their 40’s, had their dream come true when they conceived, after 4 Forensic Healing sessions. They named their little sweetheart after my daughter saying it would never have happened without Forensic Healing …

Fiona MacEachern

Distance Healing

I have had many amazing results with my clients ( in Canada) after doing distant healing.

One client had a negative entity sent to her by a guy through a pendant she was given and she wore. During my first FH distant healing session, the client released this entity and I witnessed her body reaction when it happened. The body rash she had disappeared.

Another client couldn’t walk (in Fiji) and after one session her limp was gone and she is walking normal now.

I have many wonderful results. The list goes on. I am traveling in India and Sri Lanka until the 3rd. But when I get back or if possible earlier I can email all those results.

You know Marisa Russo that I love❀️ FH and the wonders of it.


Lalini de Silva

I am sharing a heartfelt testimonial I recently received from a beautiful lady who inspires me with her determination and courage. She had a distant healing session with me a few months ago.

“Jacinta you are an amazing and incredible Forensic Healing practitioner. You put all your heart and soul into what you do with so much Love and Compassion. You worked on me on many levels until you got to the root cause of the symptom. My personal life has been transformed since my session with you, and now on my new path, with many doors opening from every angle.

I highly recommend Jacinta. She shows so much passion for what she does and her work as a professional and experienced Forensic Healer. Jacinta from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Infinite blessings In love and light πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œπŸ¦‹

Jacinta Gabrielle

Distance Healing

I just had a call this weekend from my distance clients to say they are expecting after a few sessions each and 1- 2 years waiting !!!!.

They wanted to say thank you because they feel much of this can be attributed to the FH sessions.

She was trying to get free of her ex-husband , she had reproductive issues, anxiety attacks, and trauma from childhood. He was stressed, had an imbalanced relationship with his parents and had reproductive issues. She now is less stressed, free from her ex, and doing well physically and emotionally, super happy to be expecting. He is free from many obstacles and building up his business after setbacks and building a better adult relationship with his parents.


I am soooooo thrilled for them!!

Fiona MacEachern

This was my very first one yippee!

β€œHad an awesome distance healing today. I’m 5 hours away and still feel the benefits. Leesa tapped into situations I had been holding onto and released them. I was experiencing sinus and headaches before the treatment and they have shifted. I feel very relaxed and positive.”

Leesa Holt

I am truly loving doing my sessions via Distance Healing.

β€œI recently received some powerful healing from Gai, sent via a distant healing session! Gai was able to identify exactly where I needed healing and a session was scheduled. I had a powerful clearing and healing for my entire body.

Thank you so much Gai. You are the real deal.”


Gai George

7-Day Live

What a powerful day 3 at FH 7 day live in Sydney today.

Marisa Russo I am so grateful for the healing you did on me today. I feel so happy from within. I know this is going to take my healing practice to another level.

Those of you who are still thinking should I or shouldn’t I do 7 day live, β€œJust do it”. Words cannot express the amazing power and transformations one can experience at these 7 day live training.

My gratitude to all the lovely ladies at the training.



Lalini de Silva


That is the only way I can describe my experience this week at 7 Day Live. I found myself in the presence of women who surrendered to the process. It takes courage, vulnerability and facing your fears head on.

From each of you I have learned something and thank you for your gift of sharing. πŸ’ Marisa Russo, I have little words to describe my gratitude to you and your work. You have managed once again to transform my life and perspective. I am now an upgraded version of me – 3.0.

Immense love and gratitude to all who you are and all that you bring to women and humanity. Know that you are an inspiration and aspiration to me and others. Feel the love and blessings coming your way.

πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š (😻😻 from Mini and Maxi).

Anne-Marie Reis

7-Day Live

Hi all, my head is still spinning and body buzzing after finishing the Sydney 7 day live. Whilst I experienced some fabulous healings during the week my absolute epiphany came today, on the last day. All of my thought patterns and actions are now crystal clear and this gives such fabulous opportunity for change and development.

On the way home in the train I thought how fabulous it would be if I knew all this in my 20s. Of course I, and I suspect most of us, would not have been ready in our 20s. However as each of us talk about and share what we do with family and friends and neighbours and work mates, and as we help to heal those people and anyone else that they refer to us, this increased awareness will reach people at a younger age and we will find people in their 20s and 30s becoming more prevalent in the FH courses and they will learn all of this BEFORE they have children. They will raise their children with greater awareness, greater sensitivity and greater consciousness overall resulting in future generations never having to go through the hardships we have had to heal the effects of.Β 

We all play a part in this future, individually we are amazing, collectively the FH movement is unstoppable. I am so grateful to Marisa and the lovely ladies at the Live and in this group to be able to contribute to this future. Blessings! πŸ™πŸ’•

Sandra Woods

Gratitude to all the ladies and Marisa Russo for 7 days of awesomeness.

Many insightful enlightenment and some rattling and shattering moments, I have come changed and Thank you again for sharing amazing energy.


Rinju Karmacharya

I would like to again express my gratitude to all the divine women that I had the privilege of spending the past 7 days with at the Brisbane live πŸ’

Thank you for your support, love and non judgement in assisting in clearing the pathways! ❀

You are all inspiring my Forensic Healing Sisters! 😚 and I look forward to you all visiting me in NZ!!!! βœˆπŸ’–πŸŒΊ

Elaine Bishop

Self-Healing Experiences

Yesterday I felt I need to do a Forensic Healing on myself about being bullied. I have had someone bullying me for a while and I felt it was time to see why I still have this come into my life, of cause it was childhood at the age 8, I was bullied so bad at school. Straight away I remember this girl never left me along. One day I had a fight with her and pull some of her long hair out, she never did it again. I was so frightened at the time.

When I did my healing yesterday, it was Soul Reconnection. When it came to soul return, that’s when I really knew it was her. I am very grateful for my gift to be able to do Forensic Healing to help myself.

There should be no bullies in this world, the hurt, the pain, that may take a long time to be removed is sad to experience. My thought is, I wondered if any Forensic Healer was up for a healing bullies they have had in there life, may be this wave of love to stop bullies might help other.

Good luck with your own bullies healing. I know mine was what I needed and I am looking forward to see the changes with the bully that is in my life right now. I see her moving on. I no longer need her to show me because this has gone.

Chrissie Marsh

I have Soul Module since Friday afternoon, yet I found other things to fill my time instead of do healing on myself (sounds familiar).

Well this morning the timing was right!
I was up to soul aspects scan list and noticed 69 items in list (my brain says I was born in 69). The selection was 47. Progress further and the memories and information that came up was interesting. The healing pathway presented was 6.13 (lol my birth date June 13). Just reading the description, my body started responding.

Going through the process, I felt trauma released from my pelvis, a clearing of my higher chest and heart area, 2 soul fragments return (one with a thud into my body which made me cry, another whirled lightly into my body, making me giggle) and then some gut wrenching coughing and spluttering, really purging from my system. Then a blankness, ahhh, a clear space within me. A couple of hours on, still little shifts and purges, and I can feel the fire πŸ”₯ growing, or is that the love ❀ glowing within (I am thinking both!!).

Exciting times we live and love πŸ’› in sisters! Thank you Marisa for all the work you do for the empowerment of women! I am deeply grateful! πŸ’›πŸ’›

Kim Haden