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How to Overcome Loneliness and Depression – What You Can Do

Are you one of the many lonely people out there who don’t have friends, or have friends or partners that you would be better off without? Life can feel very lonely, and often we settle for what we can get instead of choosing people we know we deserve. Having said that, I also understand why people settle for what they can get as it feels better than being alone. So, do we really need each other? What would happen if you moved on from your friends and family that may not be serving you?

Soul loss can cause a bad relationship

Have you felt compelled to continue a relationship with someone even when you know they are wrong for you, or you feel life has no meaning without them? Another scenario can be when your partner directs unprovoked anger or animosity towards you and they don’t even know why they have this reaction to you. These situations can be resolved if the cause is you having a fragment of their soul, or they have one of yours.

How to get help and support from the Universe

Have you got friends whom you just love to help and others you aren’t so keen to lend a hand to (the ones you roll your eyes at hoping it would end soon)? There are similarities in the way the universe works and why it responds more so to some, rather than others. These same concepts applies to why some people heal more readily, which will make sense when you analyse yourself and your own friends’ attractions.

Reasons why you have addictions

In this video, I speak out about what’s really behind addictive behaviour. Whether it’s food, alcohol, sex or drugs, there’s always a reason. This is why I love energy healing to heal broken, shattered souls

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How to respond to people who betray and lie to you

It still never ceases to amaze me how our experiences in childhood create such strong patterns and conditioning within us. I was recently working with a lovely girl (I will call her Kelly). I first saw Kelly three years ago when she was in deep distress over an ex-boyfriend who betrayed her…