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why change is hard

The Number 1 Reason People Don’t Change.

Everyone has dreams and desires they want to fulfil. Whether it’s completing a degree, running a business, feeling joy, overcoming fears, losing weight, experiencing a loving relationship, or speaking to thousands. Achieving goals in life gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride.

How to Overcome Loneliness and Depression – What You Can Do

Are you one of the many lonely people out there who don’t have friends, or have friends or partners that you would be better off without? Life can feel very lonely, and often we settle for what we can get instead of choosing people we know we deserve. Having said that, I also understand why people settle for what they can get as it feels better than being alone. So, do we really need each other? What would happen if you moved on from your friends and family that may not be serving you?

how to remove suffering

Vows and contracts to suffer and how to remove suffering

Have you heard of the notion that we come into this life with personal karmic agreements to endure difficult situations for our own and others’ good? I was recommended a book that interviewed mediums and psychics who connect with people’s souls to determine their soul’s contracted trials, suffering and their reason for agreeing to them. If our fate is pre-determined, we have no choice in changing it. The concept is very disempowering. Therefore, I found a way to cancel the “personal karmic contracts” and achieve freedom and happiness. Read on to find out how.

Soul loss can cause a bad relationship

Have you felt compelled to continue a relationship with someone even when you know they are wrong for you, or you feel life has no meaning without them? Another scenario can be when your partner directs unprovoked anger or animosity towards you and they don’t even know why they have this reaction to you. These situations can be resolved if the cause is you having a fragment of their soul, or they have one of yours.

How to overcome emotional crisis

How to overcome emotional crisis

Have you ever had an emotional freak out over a breakup with a partner, fight with a family member, huge financial pressures or simply feel like everything is crashing down on you? This can cause you to feel stuck in your emotional turmoil and leave you paralysed from not being able to control your situation. After much trial and error, I have discovered 8 powerful methods to move you quickly from your negative state and get you attracting solutions and better outcomes.

How to Stop and Heal Emotional Triggers

Anytime you experience strong emotional reactions to situations, an emotional trigger has set you off. Emotional triggers are stored in your body and are subconsciously activated time and time again. The stronger the emotional response you have to situations, the more easily you can be triggered when similar situations occur again. Removing these detrimental triggers can be a difficult process as they become who you are – a part of your personality that can hold back your personal growth.

When to stay and when to leave in relationships

Have you found yourself asking “Should I leave or should I stay in a relationship?” The same could be said with a friendship that leaves you questioning “Is this good for me?”. When you have an unbalanced relationship that leaves you feeling devalued and disrespected, do you fear being the one to end it by telling them they are no longer welcome in your life? This can be difficult to do, especially if they are a family member. The answer to this is …

Are you disconnected from life?

Recently, I watched an episode of the Dr Phil show where he interviewed a mother and asked her to respond to his pressing question “Now that you look back, what were the tell tale signs that your partner was sexually abusing your children for all those years?” The audience and I waited with bated breath for the mother to respond and she answered… (read more in the article for her shocking response)

powerful healing words

Forgiveness: How to Forgive with the three most powerful healing words

There are many methods that can heal someone but I have come to realise there is none more powerful than the words you say. One past Forensic Healing student explained that she had spent decades trying to overcome her fear of water. None of the therapies she tried worked for her until she heard three powerful words. I am going to share with you these words and explain why they are so powerful …

Why do unfair or bad things happen?

Bad things happen to good people and sometimes bad people get away with bad deeds; where is the justice and how can you believe in law of attraction when some things seem so random and unfair?