The Soul module delves deep into the DNA to reverse and remove the intricate webbing and programming by the Cabal and other negative syndicates that have blocked individual souls from living in a humane and free world.

It consists of extensive lists to uncover the “unseen” programs and implants to remove systems and methods of mind control, suffering and suppression.

It corrects the dysfunction and splitting of soul fragments and identity loss. It removes the deliberate block on individual souls for their ascension process, restores the connection to the organic life source energy, closes the energy portholes and gateways of the siphoning of human life force energy and reverses the chemtrail/heavy metal damage.

The healing pathways brings an awareness of the intricate details of soul damage, due to chronic abuse (particularly sexual and physical abuse), including the reversal of the DNA alteration and interference.

The pathways energetically remove the unseen forces that keeps soul’s in the false “matrix”. When the soul reversals and corrections are completed, it allows evolution for humanity and for individuals to use their own powers to be a creator of their life and find freedom and happiness.

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    1. Spiritual Soul Life Force Activation

    Removes daemonium energy of the dark force of death, syphoned energy and destruction embedded into the soul. Reconnects the organic life force source energy and restoration of shattered soul imprints and signals. Assists in the removal of suicide tendencies, depression and hopelessness.

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    2. Spiritual Soul Wealth Storage Opening

    Removes programmed wealth blocks and opens wealth storage centres in the soul (majority of people have them closed down) to gain consistent abundance and freedom using the words of power. Includes invocation of wealth/abundance blessings from renowned spiritual guides to increase abundance.

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    3. Soul restoration of Blessings and Advanced Powers for Healers

    Confirms access to the new Angelic realm and consciousness to open the healing powers and spiritual gifts stored in the “junk” DNA, (activation of the 12 DNA strands.) Pineal activation and removal from the false matrix. Includes removal of fears, vows, universal and targeted curses and spiritual reversal blocks to advance and live on purpose.

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    4. Negative Soul Karmic Seeds Removal

    This pathway accesses the specific frequencies and advanced consciousness to cancel and destroy negative karmic seeds embedded in the soul (from negative connections from others) that blocks happiness and freedom. Removes negative karma that no longer serves the higher purpose or consciousness.
    Powerful for removing the karmic seeds planted from others who are competitive and jealous. When removed, it allows freedom for a person’s soul and consciousness.

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    5. Soul Cleanse Pathway

    Deep spiritual soul facets and DNA cleanse from imbedded psychic attacks, negative entities, reversal networks and systems, unseen influences, destructive forces and harmful energies on all levels, dimensions and lifetimes. Rewrites the soul’s blueprint by removing the past/past life negative spiritual conditioning and attacks.

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    6. Spiritual Soul Peace Activation

    Accesses the primordial energy from the solar body of light to restore a deep sense of peace. Removes chaos, anxiety and dysfunctional conditioning and anti-life programming stored in the cells, soul and consciousness. Includes soul connection to the celestial birth chart and the closing down of portholes that siphons source energy. Rewrites the soul blueprint for calm and peacefulness.

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    7. Spiritual Soul Belief Reprogramming

    Removal of identified negative belief/programming created in childhood (Theta state) including the programming by the negative alien agenda stored in the subconsciousness mind. Reprogramming/downloading of the positive belief and inserted in the subconsciousness mind for positive organic soul identity. Life changing effects as it re-codes the soul for success and removes failure programs.

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    8. Spiritual Soul Protection

    Removal of new world order, Cabal and Anunnaki inbred agendas that siphon energy and implant reversal programs that cause disempowerment, separation , exhaustion, negative mediums and conduits.
    Restoration of light frequencies and humanity reprogramming in the soul for full advance Angelus consciousness protection. Powerful for light workers who feel an invisible force stopping them.

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    9. Religious Fibonacci Programming Removal

    Removal of negative religious programming through the embedded Fibonacci code (exists in the global consciousness) to suffering, sacrifice (personal, human and animal), poverty, chastity, bondage, guilt, shame, war, discrimination, and disempowerment in global and personal consciousness. Reprogramming of consciousness for humanity using the Fibonacci code.

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    10. Soul Ascension Consciousness Activation

    Activates the soul’s ascension process though the elevation of personal consciousness. Removal of negative forces from the Cabal and negative alien agendas stored in the DNA and soul. Includes the closing down of negative portholes that syphons and steals energy.
    This process safely removes the evolution blocks intentionally created to keep humanity reincarnating and living in fear and suffering. Reprograms with natural, organic vibrational frequencies using sacred geometry and words of power. Creates personal and global awakening to the 5th dimension and beyond for the evolution of humanity.

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    11. Soul Cell Health and Healing Re-coding

    Using epigenetics to recode each individual cell signal to receive and infuse frequencies of pure love, joy and peace to activate healing for cell health and vitality. Removal of toxic mediums and GMO damage that hinders cell health and cell restoration. Particularly good for cancer cells, poor cell health, low immune systems etc.

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    12. Disabling the siphoning/harvesting the life force energy

    This pathway blocks the siphoning and harvesting of human energy by the Negative Alien Agenda (Cabal) which is used as “fuel” to exploit humanity (spiritual vampirism.) It opens the positive connections to the organic life force for 100% access to the pure source energy. Removes booby traps and programmed sabotages to stop a person’s evolution. Includes reversal of government soul ownership/debt programmed up via certificates / registrations / allegiances etc. Restores 100% soul identity and sovereignty.

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    13. Soul Atonement and Alignment to Soul Purpose

    Removal of negative associations and control from an identified person/organisation that has embedded mind control, abuse, identity removal, implants and entities in any dimension or lifetime to block a person’s purpose and soul’s mission.
    Removes past/past life damage/splitting of soul fragments that keeps souls stuck and afraid. Removes negative soul imprints, vows, guilt, rituals, black magic and obligations that are no longer serving a person’s life mission and destiny. Restores soul’s connection to the higher consciousness energy to gain support and momentum.

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    14. Soul Release from Martyr and Persecution Complex

    Removal of negative associations and control from an identified person/organisation which has built seemingly indestructible attachments and embedded mind control, abuse, religious rituals, implants, and entities creating a martyr and suffering complex (identity removal) on all dimensions and lifetimes.
    Removes programmed imprisonment and control reality by replacing a new mind consciousness/reality of choice, freedom, humanity and opportunity.

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    15. Opening of the pineal gland and heart connection

    Removes emotional, spiritual and physical blocks, including the “energetic” damage of calcification and toxicity in the pineal gland (spiritual vision or third eye). Reopens and activates spiritual awareness, higher consciousness and intuitive abilities. Opens and activates heart connection to enhance a person’s energetic connection and guidance to themselves, others and the organic source energy.

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    16. Removal of Soul Poverty Consciousness Traps

    Removes imprints, programming and black magic causing spiritual bankruptcy, global slavery systems, inherited ancestral poverty, slave class, cast systems, black magic grids, and poverty consciousnesses traps.
    Allows for a new abundance, limitless and freedom reprogramming (without financial restrictions and hardships) in personal consciousness, DNA and soul identity.

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    17. Soul Corrupt Matrix Disconnection and Light Body Alignment

    Removal of the soul’s consciousness, imprints, fragments and connection to the corrupted (dark) matrix with malevolent rules and laws created by the Negative Alien Agenda. Realignment, reconnection and integration of the soul consciousness to the earth’s living, organic, integral, light and benevolent matrix.

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    18. Removal of Soul Torture and Soul Murder Imprints

    Removal of locked soul trauma, torture, victim/victimizer software programs, 666 quarantine genetic block (soul recycles back to earth), 1D memory storage, removal of 2D walls of separation locked into the soul, DNA and consciousness. Returning the soul’s consciousness to zero point (blank slate), light body upgrade and freedom for the soul to evolve and ascend.

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    19. Restoration of the Feminine Earth and Fallen Goddess Energy

    Removal and disconnection from the false female consciousness program, Anubian Black Heart networks, negative ego mind, 4D false white light webbing, false ascension matrix and false umbilicus structures.
    Restoration of the planet’s natural atmosphere for the healing and benefit of humanity, Christ-Buddha-Avatar matrix, Sophianic body, corrected umbilicus of God parent-source and silver cord, Krystal star, and Christos consciousness for balanced, equal, humane male/female influence for the earth and humanity.

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    20. Soul Earth Healing, Connection and Ascension Alignment

    Disconnection and removal of the interference, exploitation and operations of the earth’s anti human conditions such as weather, human hybrid breeding, food sources and supply, pollution and toxicity, manufacturing and siphoning of loosh, false creation code, false ascension matrix by the Negative Alien Agenda. Restoration of the realignment to the cosmic sovereign law, krystal spiral flows of unity Intelligence, tree of life, human 12 tree grid, and connection to the organic source energy for the elevation and ascension of earth and humanity.

How to access the New Soul Module 

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Online Diploma - If you purchased the Forensic Healing course before the Soul Module was included, you now have the opportunity to purchase it and add on to your current Forensic Healing Diploma.

The Forensic Healing Practitioner page will specify those who have completed the Soul Module as many people are requesting for practitioners who can address the deep mind control programs that the Soul Module addresses.

The soul videos are available to watch however, the Soul Manual which contains the Soul Healing Pathways Guide research and background information is still being created and you will receive an email as soon as it is complete.

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If you are an existing Forensic Healer and previously attended 7 Day Live Training

Forensic Healing Live Training - All Live events from the 8th October 2017 include the Soul Module.

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