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Forensic Healing Essentials Online Course

Access to the Online materials

Forensic Healing Essentials Introduction Course

Helps you develop investigative and intuitive healing skills, allowing you to quickly discover the root cause of any condition. Maximise personal healing results and client’s by learning the foundations of this powerful healing technique.

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Forensic Healing Essentials 1-Day Workshop

Online Essentials Access and 1-Day Workshop

Experience the Forensic Healing Magic Live!

Experience firsthand Live Healings, start developing your healing intuition and start building a powerful network of like-minded women.

You’ll be guided through the healing process.
Includes immediate access to Essentials Online Course

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Forensic Healing Essentials 1-Day Workshop for Repeaters

If you have previously attended (or completed the Online training)

Experience the Forensic Healing Magic Live!

Repeaters Option is only available to you if you have completed online or previously attended Live?

Experience firsthand Live Healings, develop your healing intuition and start building a powerful network with likeminded women.

You’ll be guided through the healing process.

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Forensic Healing Diploma Online Course

Online Access to the Forensic Healing Diploma Course
AUD$2,699 Upfront or AUD$299.90 x 10 months

Become Diploma Certified

Forensic Healing is a fully accredited and approved training provider with our partner IICT

Learn the full Forensic Healing system allowing you to completely heal yourself and the people around you. Or use this powerful healing technique to develop your career in natural therapy.

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Forensic Healing Soul Module Online

This can only be purchased as part of the FH Diploma

The newest and most powerful addition to the Forensic Healing Pathways.

Address every aspect of the soul, spirit and DNA to create spontaneous healings, transformations and wholeness. Release the eons of control and suppression embedded in our souls.

ONLY Available as part of the FH Diploma

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Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma Live

7 full days of training + Complete online manuals and video training package with five online training manuals
AUD$3,699 or AUD$399.90 x 10 months

The Ultimate Healing Experience Live

The full 7-day training will give you a powerful hands on experience and advance your healing career while healing every aspect of your life so you can get what you want.

Fast track your Forensic Healing Diploma Qualification attending 7 Day Live, with 40 out of 60 practical hours required completed.

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Forensic Healing 7-Day Diploma Live Repeater/Upgrade

REPEATER: This is for students who have attended a 7-day Forensic Healing Live Diploma Training

UPGRADE: This is for students completing the Forensic Healing Online Diploma Course and want to attend the 7-day Live Training
AUD$1000 or $260 x 4 months

The Ultimate Healing Experience Live

This is the ultimate week-long experience to become a qualified Forensic Healing practitioner that will take your healings and life to the next level.

Forensic Healing 7-Day Live Diploma Repeaters are not required to submit case studies or pay the Diploma fee. The hands-on experience fast tracks your Diploma Qualification.

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Forensic Healing Diploma Certificate

Diploma certification processing fee is done prior to submitting your case studies

Become Diploma Qualified: Dip. FH (Forensic Healing)

Having your diploma allows you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, something greater to help women, men and children around the world. Forensic Healing is one of the fastest growing natural healing systems in the world. It is regarded as the deepest, simplest and most effective healing experience to release physical pain, past trauma, mental stress and life blocks holding you back in finances and relationships.

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Forensic Healing Brochure

Pack of 100
Professionally printed - Tri-fold (A4 folded twice)

Use the Forensic Healing Brochure to promote your services.

No need to create your own marketing material Forensic Healing have already done the hard work.
100 professionally printed flyers ready for you to use.

Preview Flyer here
Alternatively, print your own:
Forensic Healer 'print ready' PDF brochure files are here

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Moroccan Selenite Coded Knife

Moroccan individually handcrafted Selenite (self cleansing) crystal knife (approx 22 cm long)
Free Shipping

Moroccan Selenite Coded Knife cuts through negative attachments

Coded and programmed to release:

*Negative Cords and Attachments
*Entities and Miasms
*False Matrix Light and Webbing
*Martyr Implants
*Negative Mediums and Curses
*Mind Control Implants

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