Your Own Therapy Expansion Begins Here...

Hi ,

We are always on the lookout for Forensic Healing workshop and training assistants.
Here’s the attributes we look for:

  • You organise monthly meetup groups for Forensic Healers or those interested in Forensic Healing at locations at your discretion (you can organise that each student take turn) or via skype or cafes etc (this needs to be consistenton a monthly basis.) The events to be posted in the FH FB Group
  • You love using the Forensic Healing System and get consistent client results
  • You are comfortable delegating and organising students.
  • You have attended and repeated Forensic Healing 7-day live training
  • You are consistent, supportive, respectful, grateful, loyal and honest in your relationships
  • You understand laws of attraction and take responsibility for your thoughts, conversation and activities
  • You communicate with clarity, post and comment in the Forensic Healing Facebook group where you share, inspire, and empower
  • You are both aware of and support the terms of the Forensic Healing policy

Marisa ♥

Assistant Application

If you feel you meet all of the above attributes, you can apply and we will share more details after approval.

You will soon begin assisting Marisa at upcoming Forensic Healing Essentials and 7 Day Live trainings. Apply here...