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Learn how Forensic Healing can help you advance your healing career with this Free 4 part video course.

We show you our targeted, step-by-step process to dig deep and find the root cause of any condition. You'll discover how to remove stubborn blocks that are holding you or your clients back with their relationships, health and finances.

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    Secrets in Healing

    Combine video, theory and practical components to accelerate your learning and create the life you really want.

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    Healing Through Data and Science

    Learn how to find the real cause behind a condition. Find your negative life patterns and activate the energies necessary for healing. Discover real universal laws that returns the power back to you.

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    Targeted Healing

    It's time to close the case. Learn 3 separate healing pathways which will help you discover why some people heal and others don't.

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    Remarkable Healing Results

    It's time to feel energy in your body. You are now ready to experience the real power of healing. Forensic Healing can be also used as distance healings and to heal yourself.