Discover how your Life is your Message from the Universe

Learn how to get the Advantage in Life, Maximise the Universal Laws and Exit the “Matrix” to Create Opportunities of Abundance, Empowerment and Freedom.

This unique, women’s only, two-day workshop reveals hidden, ancient wisdom to free your soul of struggle, pain, suffering, and embedded life blocks.

These essential life skills, reveal techniques to access your innate healing powers, discernment, intuitive abilities, and personal guidance system.

The workshop is designed for women who are:

  • At any stage in the life or career, or wanting to find their purpose
  • Are searching for life’s answers or feeling stuck
  • Are open to innovative ideas and concepts
  • Want to live their best life and break through the glass ceiling barriers
  • Are leaders in their industry or wanting to become a leader
  • Care about humanity and the planet
Forensic Healing Get The Universe Working for You

Even if you are a newbie to understanding how your life is influenced or well-versed in universal concepts or self-development, every woman is welcome. You will be guaranteed a life-changing experience.

You will leave feeling empowered, awakened, released, free and more spiritually aligned.  Time to stop living groundhog day and get off the rat-wheel.

This Workshop Covers 7 Life Changing Steps:
  1. Analysing the Messages Life is Giving You
  2. Using Your Body and Science to Read the Universal Messages
  3. Removing Negative Cords, Curses and Imprints from Past Stresses/Traumas
  4. Tapping Into Spiritual Guidance to Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose
  5. Restoring Your Vitality by Removing Connections that Siphon Your Energy
  6. Reversing the Negative Patterns and Beliefs that Control Your Life
  7. Converting Problems into Your Power to Rebuilding A New Foundation

About Marisa Russo

Marisa Russo

Marisa Russo is an international, award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist. She is founder and CEO of Forensic Healing International and author of the book “Freeing the Unloved Girl.”

Her journey began over 30 years ago, searching for ways to heal herself from unbearable, physical pain. This self-healing journey opened up pandora's box, revealing wounds from a torturous, abusive childhood.

She spent decades overcoming the intangible scars, suicidal thoughts and addictions created from her dysfunctional childhood. This has allowed her to intimately identify the pain and struggle women endure on a daily basis, and what it takes to overcome it. Her mission is personal, reversing the inhumane effects inflicted upon the planet, children, animals and people.

Marisa’s transformation opened her ability to read people’s energy fields as if she were reading words on a page. It connected her mind, body and soul at such a deep level, that it causes her to physically react when healing and reading people. Marisa has the ability to instantly know the universal messages which has uncovered the science of how the universe works, and what it is trying to tell you.

Now world renowned for her fast healing abilities, her expertise is channelled into freeing and transforming women. She helps women who have experienced inequality, judgments, manipulations, programming, bullying, suppression, societal expectations, religious indoctrination, low self worth, humiliation, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

She has disclosed there were times she has been brought to her knees, just prior to breaking through the invisible “glass ceiling” barriers. These would would appear while trying to progress her life, and her alternative therapy business to reach thresholds that others with similar backgrounds, conditioning and careers couldn't obtain.

Marisa believes the barriers are strategically placed to stop women’s progression, especially if their mission is to assist women’s freedom and leadership. She has had many breakthroughs while still maintaining her authenticity and integrity which earns her the title “the woman freeing women.”

Marisa has been invited to share the stage and platform with some of world's leading thought leaders, including Rev Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” and the late Wayne Dyer. She has been featured in mainstream media such as The Herald-Sun, Warner Brothers,  ABC, OASIS TV, and invited to present at the Facebook headquarters in Dublin to being interviewed by Channel 9 news for meeting Oprah in Uluru.

Marisa has worked with high-performing entrepreneurs, doctors, surgeons, Olympic athletes, AFL footballers, CEOs, Hollywood stars, directors, and the likes, to offering free healing opportunities to the less privileged and disadvantaged.  

“I truly believe that as a woman, you are here to be much more than you are living.  Your journey is to awaken your soul, break free from negativity, victimisation, suppression, and fear that is programmed through the media, global consciousness and societal embedded agendas.

The planet is crying out, requiring women to step up, find their purpose, equality, act on their instincts and lead. Mother Earth is reflected in every woman who has the opportunity to be part of the escalating global shifts and rising consciousness.”