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Forensic Healing Essentials
Online Course

The Essentials introductory online course helps you get started developing investigative and intuitive skill sets using the Forensic Healing system. You'll be guided through the process to solving physical, emotional and spiritual issues. You will be shown the basic techniques of the Forensic Healing system to dig deep, get to the core of any issue and clear it, fast. "Today we have all the knowledge and techniques to live pain and stress free. All we need to do is apply them." Marisa Russo

Pages of PDF Instruction
Minutes of Video Training
Years of Industry Experience

Overcome Challenges Holding You Back and Live the Life You Dream!

Finding the real cause behind your own (or client's) condition is a deep and rewarding achievement. It’s a path to a new state of being, a whole new world.

  • Learn a systematic approach to go direct to the cause of a condition
  • Discover and practice how to read the body
  • Learn new ‘forensic’ healing methods
  • Suits people new to holistic healing and advanced complementary therapists
  • Solve physical, emotional and spiritual issues

"I simply love everything about the personal healing process. I mostly love witnessing the freedom my client feels when the ‘shackles’ have been loosened and removed."
- Marisa Russo

Discover the Root Cause of Any Condition

Maximise Client Results and Turbo-Charge Referral Rates

You’ll achieve the best client results by combining logic and intuition – left and right brain. That means you setup your client sessions with an expectation, system and technique. Your confidence will grow as you apply this model.

By the end of the course you will…

  • Read the body to analyze the cause behind a person’s condition
  • Have a new ‘forensic’ approach to your healing
  • Feel balanced and revitalized
  • Have the makings of solving physical, emotional and spiritual issues in a methodical way
  • Be more prepared for a successful healing career

Biofeedback Methods Eliminate Unwanted Client Conditions

Forensic Healing is about finding ‘clues’ in the body that relate to unwanted conditions and applying specific healing pathways to release it from the body. It’s time for you to become the detective and use proven biofeedback methods that zero-in on information that confirms your client's or your own condition. Everything reveals itself in patterns and everything you create is already in your energy field. Combining the Forensic Healing framework with your own energy field gives the power to change outcomes, conditions and lives.

A Powerful Community of Thousands of Empowered Women

Forensic Healing is not just about laser-targeted healing techniques and bringing genuine lasting changes, it is a powerful, global community of tens of thousands of empowered women that understand freedom to the core. Now they’re experiencing their new world free of abuse, suppression, pain and control… free to be themselves, feeling worthy, powerful.

Take the Next Step and Advance Your Alternative Therapy Career

“Forensic Healing… at the time it happened, was not only a great blessing but a life changing gift. This opportunity is allowing me to help friends, my family and myself to do what we came here to do. I view my body differently now and really recognize how much it speaks to me. My spouse says my voice has changed; I exude more confidence than I have ever felt before and feel like my life is finally on purpose while seeing that every step I took to get here was necessary. Thank you Marisa for wanting to be more and for sharing your destiny with us.”
- Nathalie Beaupre

“Forensic Healing was like hitting the jackpot for me. Finding a structured way to incorporate deep holistic healing in any form and adding to my knowledge base and experiences. I am learning so much… I have even done sessions that have relieved the pain of skeptics and provided them an opportunity to see results for themselves… Forensic Healing has exceeded my expectations all around for structure, depth of knowledge and information. My future intent, after certification is to build a business helping people using the Forensic Healing system. I can’t say enough for just how much I appreciate this course and what it has added to my life. Thank you Marisa!”
- Mindy Schroeder

“During the course I have cleared the biggest emotional block I had with my mum, for the first time that I felt I could love my mum and let her into my life. I wish to say I am grateful for the amazing healing tool Marisa has created. It is so simple and effective as it goes into the root cause of the person’s problem. I feel confident that with the Forensic Healing technology combined with other healing methods I have learnt in the past, I will be able to make a difference in people’s lives. I am grateful for what you guys have done for us. I can’t thank you enough”
- Ying Ying Liu

Who Should Study This Course

If you're transitioning in your life and need powerful healing methods to get you what you want, or if you're beginning or advancing your career in alternative health and holistic therapy, this is a great place to start.

The introductory Forensic Healing Essentials online course is typically embraced by health practitioners, masseurs, reiki, kinesiologists, doctors, counselors, life coaches, complementary therapists wanting to extend their skills or anyone wanting to learn more about universal laws and and how to find health and freedom in their life.

Energy Healing

There are no pre-requisites to study this course.

The Essentials course also gives you the building blocks to begin your own personal healing journey or to become a diploma-qualified Forensic Healer. This can be achieved from upgrading to the Online home study course or at one of our Live training programs. Marisa hopes to meet you over the coming year as we travel through United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Australia and a country near you.

The Most Effective and Affordable Healing Pathway

Attend Live

The 1-day Essentials workshop helps you get started and develop investigative and intuitive skill sets using the Forensic Healing system. You'll be guided through the process to solving physical, emotional and spiritual issues. You will be shown the basics to using the Forensic Healing system to dig deep, get to the core of any issue and clear it, fast.

There's nothing quite like the live experience!

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