Forensic Healing 7-Day Live Diploma Sydney

ONLY  AUD$3,699.00 Upfront or AUD$399.90 x 10 months

July 23 - 29, 2018 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
The Cremorne Point Manor, 6 Cremorne Rd, Cremorne Point NSW 2090

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NEW: Now included is the complete Soul Module

  • The ultimate week-long experience to become a qualified Forensic Healing practitioner or attend for self healing, spiritual connection and realigning yourself. All six modules, including the NEW SOUL Module are taught and practiced. It’s where the magic really happens… 7 full days of deep healings, energetic activations, healing potentials realised, and a whole lot of fun! You have never experienced anything quite like this before! This is a life changing course. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be transformed.

Immerse yourself in our signature, women only transformative environment and take your relationships, health, self-confidence and finances to the next level. The Forensic Healing system is the deepest, most simple and effective healing experience to release stress, pain and long-term conditions. Forensic Healers help answer long standing questions regarding life struggles for themselves (getting results starts with healing yourself) and those suffering from chronic physical, emotional, spiritual conditions, behavioural and relationship problems. You will cover all 6 healing modules in extreme detail:

  1. Principles
  2. Energy
  3. Physics
  4. Emotion
  5. Spirit
  6. Soul

Start finding ‘clues’ in the body that relate to unwanted conditions and applying the specific healing pathways to release it from the body. It’s time for you to become the detective and use biofeedback methods to zero-in on information that confirms your client's condition. Everything reveals itself in patterns and everything you create is already in your energy field. Combining the Forensic Healing framework with your own energy field gives the power to change outcomes, conditions and lives. Here what you get when you purchase Forensic Healing Live:

  • Continue to develop your Investigative and Intuitive skill-set
  • The process behind reading energy fields
  • Solve physical, emotional and spiritual conditions
  • Complete online manuals and video training package with five online training manuals (738 pages, including 94 healing pathways and 37 hours video training) + NEW Soul videos, manuals and online content
  • BONUS Healing Pathways guide to use when consulting.
  • Get immediate access to our Practitioner Zone and Resource Area where you’ll find the latest materials, clinic template forms, reference charts and other resources for your therapy business.
  • ‘Women Only’ Practitioner Community and Support. This is the original, largest and most inspiring women only practitioner community in the world.
  • 7-Day Live ‘Women Only’ Training with Marisa. The ultimate transformational experience… This is where miracles happen. You’ll be in a very safe, women only, transformational environment.
  • Everything you get with Online training plus 7-days with Marisa and the world's most inspirational healers.
  • Repeat 7-Day Live workshop at a fraction of the cost and get an automatic Diploma and the opportunity to teach Forensic Healing and start your new, fulfilling alternative therapy career.
This is a life changing course... It’s where the magic really happens. You will be transformed.


Marisa Russo - Forensic Healing

Marisa Russo
Marisa is the founder of Forensic Healing and an international award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist. She’s been pursuing her mission to heal herself and others for 30 years. The media refer to Marisa as the ‘Sherlock Holmes of Healing’...


Venue:   The Cremorne Point Manor

Address: 6 Cremorne Rd, Cremorne Point NSW 2090

The Cremorne Point Manor

6 Cremorne Rd, Cremorne Point NSW 2090

Accommodation Option

The Cremorne Point Manor - Accommodation available at venue, state your booking is with Forensic Healing

How to get there:

GETTING THERE FROM AIRPORT: It’s easy to get to Cremorne Point Manor as we are served by buses and ferries.  Depending on where you are coming from we would suggest using the Sydney transport link to determine the best way to arrive.

FERRY: Take the train to Circular Quay station then from Circular Quay take F6 ferry (Mosman Bay) 1st stop is Cremorne Point (10 minutes) then walk up the hill about 100 meters take the first street on the right (Cremorne Road).  Stay on the left side of Cremorne Road & we are about 200 meters on the left side.  Please note that while short in distance (5 minutes) it is a walk up the hill if you are   concerned about carrying luggage we would suggest the shuttle or taxi.

A single Adult ticket is $6.20 Child $3.10 (Circular quay to Cremorne Point) however consider the opal card if you are planning multiple journeys, it is better value.

We do not sell these however they are available at all stations & circular quay.

PARKING:  All street parking is available (but not guaranteed). There is both unlimited & timed spaces. Free on weekends
No meters and it's free but certain areas are restricted 4 or 2 hours from 10.00am to 18.00pm weekdays.