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false Karma

False Karma. Do you have Bad Karma that is not Yours?

What is Negative Karma?

Karma is often used in conversations especially in negative context. However, karma is basically the idea that current and previous actions of a person ultimately influence their future experience.

It is about the cycle of action and reactions.

No 1 Method To Get Back Your Power with Energy Healing

Einstein said it best when he said: “everything is energy…” Everything that created began as a thought, emotion or energy. You are the creator of your circumstances and the world you live.

The messages and experiences in your life have limited your belief in thinking you are separate from everyone and the world.

Getting off the “life” roller coaster ride and heal

Have you ever compared your life to a roller coaster ride? It’s those periods when you experience extreme joy and happiness, but then you go down a deep emotional slope, wondering if you will ever get to climb back up again and experience the highs.

Energy Healing to Remove Impact Of Drug

Using Energy Healing to Remove Impact Of Drug Abuse Video

Do you wonder if your pain or stress is coming from outside sources that stops you from functioning in life? While I was in Los Angeles, I witnessed the physical consequences of abuse, drugs, and stress. This was all captured on video while I presented at the Mystic Book Store in Venice.

Heal childhood abuse and trauma

Steps to Overcome Childhood Trauma; Forensic Healing

When a child’s brain is not fully developed, they can retain hurtful events throughout their lives. Childhood trauma is a scary, violent or life-threatening event that happened in childhood. The event may be accompanied by a serious injury to the body.

Soul Healing to Shift Pain and Stress

I am forever in awe of what physically takes place to our spirit, soul or heart after a trauma, shock or stress. Last week I presented at the Vancouver Banyen Book Store. The demonstration showed how you couldn’t heal unless you heal the “unseen” damage of your soul that resides in your energy field.

How to remove negative energy with energy healing methods

Does Negative Energy Harm You?

Do you think negative energy can harm you? I’ve heard all sorts of answers like, “I don’t believe it can, so it won’t.” There’s also, “What you can’t see, can’t hurt you.”

If you apply the science that everything originates from energy,

Keeping Safe and Away from Danger using intuition

Do you feel the need to barricade yourself inside, hire the SAS as security guards, recruit German Shepherd police dogs, install high tech security cameras, build an air raid bunker, or enclose your house within an electric fence–just to keep yourself safe?

Some People Are Bad For You

Science reveals… some people are bad for you

Do you think that it’s nobler to send love and blessings to those who get angry and attack you? Do you feel part of your purpose is to tolerate people who lack empathy?  Do you wonder if these people have any effect on your emotions,

In the Media: Interview with Richard Dugan

I was invited to be a guest of Richard Dugan’s “Tell Me Your Story” radio show to discuss if things are really changing for the better…You can read the transcript of the recording …

Marisa ♥

Interviewer: Welcome to Tell Me Your Story –

Energy Healing and Forensic Healing Worldwide

We have received amazing feedback from women all over the world on how Forensic Healing changes lives. This lets me know my journey to healing myself has not been in vain. I want to thank everyone who has been, and still,

The Whole Story: Radio Interview in Los Angeles with Marisa Russo

I had the opportunity to speak on UBN’s “Truth Be Told” radio show, with FH Practitioner Emma Romano, covering topics like empowering and healing yourself, past life contracts, dealing with childhood trauma and how to turn your pain into power. Watch the recording for some candid moments!

how to remove suffering

Vows and contracts to suffer and how to remove suffering

Have you heard of the notion that we come into this life with personal karmic agreements to endure difficult situations for our own and others’ good? I was recommended a book that interviewed mediums and psychics who connect with people’s souls to determine their soul’s contracted trials, suffering and their reason for agreeing to them. If our fate is pre-determined, we have no choice in changing it. The concept is very disempowering. Therefore, I found a way to cancel the “personal karmic contracts” and achieve freedom and happiness. Read on to find out how.

Soul loss can cause a bad relationship

Have you felt compelled to continue a relationship with someone even when you know they are wrong for you, or you feel life has no meaning without them? Another scenario can be when your partner directs unprovoked anger or animosity towards you and they don’t even know why they have this reaction to you. These situations can be resolved if the cause is you having a fragment of their soul, or they have one of yours.

Top 3 reasons why people don’t heal

Have you ever wondered why some people heal from negative conditions with more ease than others? I have been analysing the reasons for this since I first began my healing career decades ago. I can now conclude that there are 3 main reasons why people stay stuck in their negative conditions and block their ability to heal.

how to heal with your hands

Learn to heal with your hands using healing energy

Ever wondered how you could use energy healing to assist someone you know who is in pain or feeling stressed? It can feel disempowering if you have a sick child or a loved one who is suffering, and your only options are to rely on another person or medications to help them. Rest assured – there is a remedy you can apply immediately while help is on its way.

DNA healing

How to heal and change your DNA using energy healing

Just as a dressmaker uses patterns to sew a dress, an architect draws plans to build a house and a computer has software to run its programs, DNA is your blueprint. It determines who you are. Utilising an inaccurate dress pattern, building calculations or computer coding can cause faults and malfunctions in the final product. In the same way, DNA may contain glitches that bring negative about circumstances. But science has proven it can be healed and enhanced…

How to be sensitive in an insensitive world

As I have been travelling around Europe, I am constantly asked the same question on how to succeed in life when you are a highly sensitive person. When you are highly sensitive, achieving your potential can often be a difficult process. The world can feel harsh and disempowering, especially when you feel others emotions and negative energies. Shopping centres, computers and phones can drain your energy. Does this sound like you?

Finding Mr. Right – Your Soul Mate

Are you still waiting for your fairy godmother to wave her magic wand so your worn out Target jeans and t-shirt can turn into a beautiful silk ball gown and Prince Charming will magically appear to save you from your misery? You probably need a reality check as all those fairy tale stories have given you the wrong idea. They have left you moping around, waiting for a phone call from a tall dark handsome man. Let’s be real, all the “Knights in Shining Armour” (and yes girls, they are out there) are not looking in messy kitchens for a woman who sits by the phone. However, you do have a soul mate and I’ve got some great ideas on how to attract him into your life, so listen real close …

Reasons why you have addictions

In this video, I speak out about what’s really behind addictive behaviour. Whether it’s food, alcohol, sex or drugs, there’s always a reason. This is why I love energy healing to heal broken, shattered souls

Blessings and love,

When to stay and when to leave in relationships

Have you found yourself asking “Should I leave or should I stay in a relationship?” The same could be said with a friendship that leaves you questioning “Is this good for me?”. When you have an unbalanced relationship that leaves you feeling devalued and disrespected, do you fear being the one to end it by telling them they are no longer welcome in your life? This can be difficult to do, especially if they are a family member. The answer to this is …

Are you disconnected from life?

Recently, I watched an episode of the Dr Phil show where he interviewed a mother and asked her to respond to his pressing question “Now that you look back, what were the tell tale signs that your partner was sexually abusing your children for all those years?” The audience and I waited with bated breath for the mother to respond and she answered… (read more in the article for her shocking response)