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the great awakening

The evolution of our new world; Trust the plan; All is well

Freak Outs!

Some awakened peeps have been freaking out with the threat of mandatory vaccinations and masks, government tracking, big tech censorship, closed borders, chemtrails, house imprisonment, unlawful fines, fake news reports, loss of jobs, and New World Order agendas.

why change is hard

The Number 1 Reason People Don’t Change.

Everyone has dreams and desires they want to fulfil. Whether it’s completing a degree, running a business, feeling joy, overcoming fears, losing weight, experiencing a loving relationship, or speaking to thousands. Achieving goals in life gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride.

PTSD and survival mode

Getting out of survival mode

It is a new day and all you think of is doing what you can to just get by. As you told yourself before now, after this last project, after saving enough money or having a better relationship, things will become easier and you won’t feel this way anymore. 

how stress affects you

Is Stress Worth It and How to Reduce Stress

One day a fisherman was lying on a beautiful beach, with his fishing pole propped up in the sand and his solitary line cast out into the sparkling blue surf. He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish.

awakening and ascension 2020

Great Awakening, Earth Changes and the Coronavirus Meaning.

The changes on the planet are now coming fast and furious. Get ready for the new world and great awakening. Fast change can cause grief as it produces a feeling of loss and stress. It’s not too late however to shift your energy so you can deal with the earth changes and challenges.

How to be a lightworker

The DANGERS of Sending Love and Light to Your Enemies

Question: Do you send love and light to your enemies, attackers or opposing forces? The following information will reveal:

1. What is Love and Light
2. The dangerous effects of sending love and light.
3. The reasons you have attracted your enemies. …

how to remove fear and overcome it

No 1 Reason NOT to Fear and How to Overcome Fear

An excerpt from my upcoming book REVƎRSED

ThE Laws of EvErything EnErgy

Can you imagine a world where you live in peace, void of all fears? That amazing world is the upcoming fifth dimension. The world is transitioning into something wonderful,

What is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology and How Does it Work?

Your body is always talking to you. It can signal the state of its health through a balance of energy in the physical and biological system.

A method to read these systems is called Kinesiology. Kinesiology helps you understand the body’s energy state and find information to balance it.

false Karma

False Karma. Do you have Bad Karma that is not Yours?

What is Negative Karma?

Karma is often used in conversations especially in negative context. However, karma is basically the idea that current and previous actions of a person ultimately influence their future experience.

It is about the cycle of action and reactions.

Proof that self judgement causes physical pain

Can self judgement and negative self talk causes pain?

Do you believe in the laws of energy? This means that wherever you direct your energy, it will grow into something of the same vibration? This short video demonstrates proof that negative self-judgment or negative self-talk can cause harm to yourself.

Toxic People Causing Heart pain

Can toxic people have a hold over you and cause heart pain?

Have you been in a relationship you shouldn’t have and found it difficult to leave?  When you attract these types of relationships, you can find the same type of energy contained in your energy field stemming from childhood. The following video is a demonstration from the Forensic Healing 7-Day live energy healing workshop where I combine energy healing,